The Next 10-inch Tablet is the latest Android tablet comes from the popular UK high street chain. The Next 10-inch Tablet is the own-brand of the UK high street chain. This tablet is powered by a 10-inch LED Touchscreen Display. The screen resolution of the display is 1024 x 600. It has come out with a a fast 1.0Ghz LNX CODE 11 Processor, a 256MB RAM, an 8GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, an Android 2.1 Operating System, a USB 2.0 connectivity.

In this article, we have given four tools that can help you assess your environment and plan your migration.
1.    Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit
This tool (MAP) is designed to help IT Professionals prepare for a deployment. Moreover, you can use this tool to list your environment and assess whether the Systems throughout your environment are ready for the migration. This agentless tool lets you prepare to deploy a number of technologies including Office 2010.

2. Office Environment Assessment Tool
This Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT) is able to scan the Computers for add-ins and Applications that interact with Office 97 through Office 2007 Office Systems. This tool has been designed to help IT Professionals in avoiding any port-deployment surprises by assessing application compatibility with Office 2010. Moreover, the OEAT is able to check if any Systems throughout the environment use add-ins or Software that can break when Office 2010 is deployed.

Most of us know the Search feature in Word for letters, numbers and other symbols. However, some of us don’t know that the Search feature is used for finding line-ending codes—for instance, to eliminate repeated line breaks or to find an occurrence of text that is at the end of a paragraph. In this article, we have provided 20 character strings that we can enter in the Search Box in order to find characters and other items.

If you’re working on the layout of a document, then the filler text will be useful sometimes. You can use the filler text for all the text or just for certain spot elements like Captions. There is an easier feature available in Word to insert text quickly into a document.  Moreover, you can opt for the classic lorem ipsum in Latin, the popular “quick brown fox” text, or a passage from the Word documentation.
Therefore, you can insert a block of lorem ipsum text, by typing =lorem(X,Y) at the beginning of a new paragraph and hitting the Enter Key.
Here, X represents the number of paragraphs you wish to have and Y represents the number of sentences in each paragraph.

If you’re manually printing a multi-page document from a Booklet form, you most probably know the difficulties. It is required to calculate the page sizes, margins and the worst of all you’ve to re-order the pages to come out in the proper order when the sheets are folded and collated. Now, this is fixed as Word can do all these stuffs for you.
If you’re going to setup a document to print as a booklet, follow the following steps.
•    Click on Margins and then on Custom Margins on the Page Layout tab.
•    Now, select Book Fold on the Margins tab of the Page Layout dialog box next to the Multiple Pages option.

Usually in MS Word, you can handle the Paste command in a variety of ways like Formatting, Merge Formatting, Paste Text only. You can get these options from a dropdown menu that appears after you paste something into the document. If you’re a regular user of MS Office, most probably you’ve chosen the most convenient paste option for you. If you’re a favorite of any options and you want to do it more accurately, then it is required to change the default settings. Therefore, you don’t have to keep selecting the correct option.
Now, let’s discuss about changing the Paste settings in Word.
•    Open the Home tab from the Ribbon.

If you’re using the drag feature of the Mouse to select the text MS Word or PowerPoint, the selection will be extended by a complete word at a time (rather than by a character at a time). We know this is one of the simplest and the handy features. However, some users don’t like this feature. This article will be very useful for them to change the procedure.