If the WLAN or Wi-Fi is troubling you, you can use the Diagnose and Repair tool in order to diagnose the issues. Now, let’s discuss about diagnosing the WLAN or Wi-Fi issues.
1.    Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Start Button.
2.    In the Control Panel Windows, you’ve to select Network and Internet.
3.    Now, in the Network and Internet Window, it is required to click Network and Sharing Center.

ProtoMon Lite is one of the best Network and Server monitoring Software. It is used to check the Servers and the Computers automatically at specified intervals and notify you able the issues. Therefore, you can easily resolve them.
It is a perfect program and supports to the Network Protocols such as ICMP, HTTP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Telnet, SFTP, and Custom TCP connections. Even the standard version of ProtoMon can monitor any number of the Computers and the Servers at a time. This tool supports a wide range of monitoring checks comprising the Ping Monitoring, Website Monitoring, File Server Monitoring and the E-mail Server Monitoring. Moreover, it is able to perform the System Monitoring of any Windows Computers. You can monitor more than 30 parameters including CPU, Memory Usage, Files and process information and the Registry values.

The main thing to be noted while sharing a file publicly with the clients or with the colleagues is making sure that the no sensitive data is accidentally left hidden in file or in the File Properties. This article will be very useful for MS Office 2010 and lets you manage files and perform critical tasks to protect the data and private information.
The following is the example about what you need to d in Word 2010.
First, you have to open a file and select the File Menu choice on the Ribbon. You can view various information about the file once the Info option is selected as shown in the image below.

Today, Bing is going to announce some of the latest features for its Bing Webmaster tools. These features are a direct response to the feedbacks they’ve received. “I want to download my data!” is the soundest feedback. Therefore, Bing has decided to add a new data export capability that lets you export and download the data from Bing Webmaster Tools about your registered sites. Moreover, you can export up to six months of data in the form of a downloadable, comma-delimited CSV file. The following data downloads are available by selecting the “Export” button in the UI:


Available data fields

Export Crawl, Index, and Traffic Stats

Date, Pages Crawled, Pages with Crawl Errors, Pages Indexed, Impressions, Clicks

Export Queries

Query, Impressions, Clicks, Click-Through Rate

Export Crawl Details

URL, HTTP Code, Type

Export Sitemaps

Name, Date Submitted, Type, Status

Export Blocked URLs

URL, Entity Type, Block Type, Date

Export Query String Parameters

Parameter, Date

Export Registered Sites
Registered URL, Site verification status, verification code used

Geotagging is the latest and one of the best features of the Bing Maps. It is within the Windows Live Photo Gallery Application. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it is used to add location information to a photo. This feature is able to provide the location context to a photo such as the place where the photos were taken or the ability to sort the photos by the location. Moreover, you can tag the photos to the fidelity of your choice. For example, you can look at the below image.
This is more important as it will enable mapping of all the photos on the Bing Maps or Windows Live. Moreover, you can have a function to publish Photosynth’s (Create Menu | More Tools | Create a Photosynth).

Tango T600 is the latest model electric vehicle and assures the 100% electric feel comes from Commuter Cars Corporation. It is a Tandem 2-seater. The top speed of the vehicle is 150MPH. You can reach the speed from 0 to 60 within 4 seconds. The vehicle range is 80 miles with standard (lead-acid) battery pack. It has Lead-acid (80% charge: 10 minutes; full charge: under 3 hours). You can use this ultra-narrow, freeway-capable vehicle anywhere you ride a Motorcycle. It is sure that it will revolutionize commuter transportation in the 21st century.

Qing Qing is an industrial designer has tried to redesign the Creative ZEN Stone MP3 Player as her internship project in Creative Technology Ltd Singapore. Earlier, she has come up with two latest designs. The first one is Water Creative Zen Stone and Grasp Creative Zen Stone. Water was inspired by the shadow of ripples forms beneath, from a bowl of water. While Grasp body shape mimics the natural form derives from pressing your thumb on a soft material within your grasp.

The Oregon Scientific SH201 is a new type gadget that you can wear. It is able to track your projected fluid loss and prompt you to hydrate for optimal workout performance. Moreover, the gadget is able to measure calorie and the percentage of fat burnt/fitness and body mass index. With this gadget, you can have three exercise profiles like jogging, running or cycling. Besides, the gadget features an alarm clock and a calendar.

We have been discussing about a lot of new Applications like Watermark creator, IP Address hider and Thumbnail Generators. In such a way, this Extreme Thumbnail Generator is a new handy application comes to join the list of discussed applications. You can use this tool for generating Web Thumbnail Galleries as it has outstanding features. Therefore, you can create beautiful web galleries of your digital photos and publish them to any websites. Moreover, the tool is able to offer more than 40 unique HTML Photo Gallery Templates. The tool features inbuilt template and image editor with HTML syntax highlights, customizable thumbnail sizes, allows making editable galleries, various thumbnail generation templates, multilingual interface, supports the slideshow or Lightbox effect to your galleries, Photo tuning and an option to add text to all photos in the gallery.

This is yet another new feature from Google. The setup of Google Chrome installs the Software only for the current user. Therefore, it is not required to have the administrator privileges to install Chrome. Earlier, if you wanted to install Google Chrome for all the users in the Computer, you had to use the Chrome Build from Google Pack. For the System-level setup, Google has recently added a direct location. This is an MSI Installer and works only in Windows. At the same time, it is able to install the latest Dev Channel build and it is targeted toward the enterprise users.

If you’re using Windows Live Hotmail, you can see the “Windows Live Inbox” instead of Inbox screen soon after you login. If you don’t want this screen, you can simply avoid this. Therefore, you can login to Hotmail and directly open the Inbox screen. All it is required to do is a few simple steps.