We’ve already discussed about many Calendars and Scheduler Software in our blog. In such a way, this is a new one called Portable Efficient Calendar. It is available free and it is a professional scheduler, planner and the reminder in order to organize the day-to-day events. Therefore, you can easily fulfill your needs like scheduling, planning and reminding the day-to-day events and appointments. As it has a configurable and highly flexible interface, the application can reduce the paper work by easily organizing the personal data. Moreover, this Application supports multiple calendar views that include Day and Month view. The Application is enhanced with a powerful document editor that works similar to the MS Word.

Under the EN-V Series, but with a great combination of innovative and stylish outlook and various handy mobility features, three futuristic concepts have been unveiled by the General Motors. They are Electric Networked Vehicles and have been developed with the help of Segway, a balancing-on-two-wheels expert, different shapes, style and the ultimate flexibilities of the Electric Drive Train. The concepts have been designed for the main purpose of commutation for the 2030 urban centers. They have the ability of the two-wheel drivetrain and contain the latest technologies like GPS, Connectivity between the vehicles and the collection of the Cameras and the Sensors.

Eclipse has released its latest LiteTouch Keyboard that features a Touchpanel within a month after releasing its Touchmouse Wireless Mouse. The Touchpanel of the Keyboard is placed in the place of the regular Keypad. It is a Start Trek-Style Keyboard and backlit in order to view the Keys easily even in the dim lights. At the same time, with this Keyboard, you can have three different settings to use the Keyboard with a Simple Number Keypad, a Media Control Panel and a Programmable Macro Key Layout. Moreover, the Eclipse LiteTouch Keyboard has come out with the facility to adjust the Brightness control and a Volume Slider.

According to the news from the CNet, Google is planning to bundle its Chrome Browser and its Operating System with Adobe Systems’ Flash in a deeper partnership. The latest updates of the Google’s open source browser show that the Chrome will use the internal plug-ins for the Flash and PDF that are likely to be bundled with the Browser. Moreover, Chrome has been implemented with some NPAPI Extensions for the "2D, 3D, and mouse/keyboard events" by using the Mozilla Pepper, a platform-independent framework for browser plug-ins. Besides, there are already switches available for enabling the internal PDF and Flash Plug-ins with the browser; unfortunately, they do not work yet. In addition, we’ve been discussing about the issues for the past few months about the NPAPI as a platform independent browser Plug-in Framework. Therefore, we felt that there should be some changes with the NPAPI in order to keep with the recent developments in the Browser technology like out of process Plug-in execution and when NPAPI provides an extensive framework for writing the Plug-ins, most of them end up relying on the Operating System or the browser platform specific features.

By default, Windows Server 2008 R2 consumes 4GB of disk space in the default installation of an x64 based Computer as it has approximately 50,000 System State files. If you want to take the backup and restore a server’s System State easy and quick, you can go with Wbadmin. Using the Wbadmin, you can use the START SYSTEMSTATEBACKUP command to create a backup of the System State for a Computer and the START SYSTEMSTATERECOVERY command to restore a Computer’s System state. Remember, you have to be in the Directory Services Restore Mode, in order to select a System State Restore on a domain controller. Moreover, you can type the following at an elevated Command Prompt to backup a server’s System State.
Snap Links Plus is a new type addon comes to work with Mozilla Firefox. The main concept of the addon is to let you get easy and fast opening of multiple results presented by Search Engines. This works similar to other extensions that are able to open multiple links in a different way from most of them.
Some of the differences are
You can select the links by drawing a rectangle.
Only the main links will be selected by default.
Only one click is required to open this.
You can have the visual aid to show which links are currently selected.
The extension attempts to be simple, fast and intuitive.

If you want to make quality audio recording with a standalone tool, you can select the Donar MP3 Recorder. It has the power and the capability to fulfill your needs. Using this tool, you can directly record the Sound directly in MP3 format from the Microphone, Internet, Streaming Audio or the music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash Games etc. The supported formats with which you can save the file are MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF and more.

When I’ve bought a new Computer, I had to copy iTunes from the old Computer to the new one. I thought that I could do it easily with my iPhones. Unfortunately, I had no luck. Then, I’ve searched on net and found the easiest way to share the iTunes between two Computers. You can move the songs legally and not get into the troubles with Apple or iTunes. Here, I’ve given the steps to perform the steps.
You can have a variety of Security, Data Backup and reliability features from the Windows Server 2003. Therefore, it has become popular among the users. This Server Operating System is easily scalable and brings you the best performance than the earlier versions. However, you can’t escape from the from the Data loss issues of the Windows Server 2003. Usually this issue may occur, if Hard Disk file systems are corrupted or by accidentally you reformat it. In such case, you’ve to use the recent Data backup in order to restore the missing or lost Data. Even though, the Data backup is not working, not updated or invalid, you can scan the damaged Hard Disk with an efficient Data Recovery tool.
There is a file format in every Computer with which the Operating System interfaces with the file System Code. For example, New Technology File System (NTFS) is used in the Windows Operating System that uses ntfs.sys file, which is an Application Programming Interface (API) that is able to work as interface between the File System Codes and the Operating System. If there is any issue with the file will cause the file system unusable and cause serious File System Corruption and partition loss issues. However, if you’ve to come across such a situation, you can use the Windows Partition Recovery using the appropriate solutions.
For example, Computer is not booting up and it has encountered an error message as “STOP 0×0000000A” in ntfs.sys files after performing the improper Shut Down.

Until I opened the article from the Microsoft website, I was unaware of the rocking feature of the Windows 7’s built-in Windows Troubleshooting Platform (WTP). It combines the support for the typical users and brings the troubleshooting into a single user interface. You can see some of the troubleshooting packs designed in Windows 7 to help fix common issues like Hardware and Sound issues, Network and Internet connectivity etc. You can get them from the Control Panel by searching as “Troubleshooting”. Earlier, troubleshooting the Software and the Hardware is a manual process. Now, you can make it simple by using the WTP and you can automate the process by fixing the most common detectable issues that can be encountered using your Hardware and the Software.
Windows Winset has come out with a set of utilities in order to enhance the performance of the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems. Moreover, the tool features amazing facilities to keep the Computer clean, stable and to run successfully. It is an all-in-one System Utility that makes the Computer perform like a new one. Besides, the utility has come out with more than 50 tools that are designed for enhancing the performance of the Computer. Therefore, customizing the Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 has become simpler than the simplest.

If you’re feeling any difficulties to connect to your private email account, you can use the Disney Mickey USB Email Alert. It is able to let you know the status of the emails. Gmail, Outlook Express and POP3 are the supported mail accounts by the Disney Mickey USB Email Alert. This works in the background in order to inform you every time when you receive a personal email and the capacity of the unread Emails. Moreover, this Mickey will make a sound alert, twinkling and floating mail to alert you when you receive the mails.
The device is capable to interact with your typing position with the Keyboard Alert Mode. Another funny function of the concept is Fun Alert Mode, that lets the mails move up and own with light up by following the rhythm of the Sound effects.

If you’re working with the Logon Scripts, the System environment variables will be handy when you’re setting up the user’s environment. Moreover, you can use those environment variables in order to specify the path information that can be dynamically assigned. Some of the most common environment variables are given below.
•    You can use the “%SystemRoot%” base directory of the Operating System with the Profile tab of the user’s Properties dialog box and logon scripts. The directory of the Operating System comes as C:\Windows.
•    You can use the “%UserName%” user account name such as wrstanek. You can use it with the Profile tab of the user’s Properties dialog box and logon scripts.
We’ve already discussed about so many types of the Mouse in our blog. In such a way, this is a new type mouse comes to fulfill your desire. It is a wireless mouse and it looks like a huge hunk of Gold Bullion. The name of the Mouse is Gold Wireless Mouse. The main thing you have to remember is it not made up of the real gold, but it looks like real gold bullion. The suggested price of the Mouse is ¥6,550.00. When you use this Mouse, you can have the feeling of a bar of Gold Bullion that happens to be a wireless Mouse. You can have this Mouse with the standard right and left click Buttons and crackable Scroll Button. It can be used with the USB Port of the Computer. It is compatible with the Windows and MAC Operating Systems.

Now, Internet Explorer gets ready to take on all of the rival Internet Browsers in the world. The latest version from the Microsoft is Internet Explorer 9. You can check out the latest capabilities of this Internet Explorer with the Internet Explorer Platform Preview. You can find the rocking demos of HTML5 and the Hardware accelerated performance with the Background compiled JavaScript. If you want to download the user guide and release notes, you can do it from the Microsoft site. Internet Explorer 9 has the GPU powered Sub-pixel that is possible by the new Windows 7 Direct2D and DirectWrite technologies. You will get an animation font by clicking on the “Animate Font Size” and you can change the size of the animated from 48 points to 96 points in half-point increments. Moreover, when it is viewed in the Internet Explorer Platform preview, the animation should be brisk and smooth. At the same time, if you view in the browsers that don’t support GPU-powered sub-pixel positioning, the text will appear to jump as the CPU and the positions of each letter are rounded to the nearest whole pixel. This browser is compatible with Windows Vista  or Windows 7.

In our blog, we’ve already discussed about so many Remote Assistance Software. However, this is something new, which has never been discussed. This is also a Remote Control Software but it can be used even from your Mobile Phone. The name of the Software is Mobile Witch Remote Control that lets you control the Computer even with your Mobile Phone. Even more, it is available free for you and brings an effective performance in controlling the Computer with a Mobile Phone. Using this Software, you can control the PowerPoint Presentations, Mouse Cursors and explore the contents of the Computer from the Mobile Phone.
Besides these features, you can have the easy operation of iTunes, PowerPoint, Mouse, WinAMP and Windows Media Player (WMP).
Remotely control Mouse, Keyboard, PowerPoint, Winamp, Windows Media Player and much more

If you’re living in icy conditions and you’re looking for an alternative solution to be warmth, this Solar
Rucksack will be the finest solution for you. This innovative backpack method has been designed to keep your body warmth even in the icy conditions. Moreover, this will be more useful for those who love to climb the mountains peaks, to trek and in Polar States. The concept’s outer surface has Solar Panels that collect Solar Energy from the Sun and converts it to the Thermal Energy. The Solar Rucksack has a circular patch that is being used to generate heat and to give the users.

Norio Fujikawa has designed a new Robot and named it as Kanibot. This is an innovative Robot concept and can be used for the surveillance purpose because of its handy functionalities. Moreover, the concept features the legs like the Spiders but it has only six mechanical legs with the ability to perform all-way movement. At the same time, it gives the opportunity to go on almost any kind of surfaces. The main functionality of the concept is a powerful Camera that is located on the main body of the Robot. You can use the Camera to capture Photos and Videos. Besides, the Camera has a motion sensor with the ability to detect suspicious elements.

Really, God only knows that how many Video splitters available around the world. In such a way, this is a new Video Splitter comes for you. The name of the tool is VidSplitter. As its name suggests, it is capable to split the video with the power and capability. Even novices can use this tool, as it is a user-friendly tool. Moreover, this tool lets you split large video files to small pieces and record them to the CD/DVDs. The supported formats for the tool are AVI, mpeg, WMV and ASF. The tool has been enhanced to work with the Video Codec for the output files, audio codec for splitting the files easily and quickly.

By default, Windows Messenger will start to run whenever you log on to the Windows. We know it is a great annoyance for you. At the same time, it is easily fixable. You can disable it from running at the Start Up of the Computer. If you’re ready to disable the Windows Messenger from the Start Up, just follow the steps as follow.

If you want to have something different with your Wrist Watches, this fresh and innovative watch concept will bring you the ultimate functionalities with a stylish look. The main concept of the watches is to create technically pioneering watches with not only the interesting appearance, but also offers a mechanical experience for the users from the both lower and higher end. Moreover, this concept is a silent alarm and it is considered as the most incredible as it communicates to watch enthusiasts and offers you the real life practicality. The body of the watch concept is made up of chrome finished glossy metallic body along with the stylish and matching belt.

As you know, normally it is not possible to change the size of the Dialog Boxes in the Windows Operating System. They have the fixed dimensions. Now, you can easily put an end for this trouble. You can resize the Dialog Boxes even it they are un-resizable. For this all you have to do is, just download the portable ResizeEnable tool. It is able to bring the functionality that lets you resize the any of the Windows Dialog boxes simply by dragging from either size of the Dialog Box.

This is a new Bike concept called AO Bike Concept. It is able to simplify the critical and complex issues of a normal bicycle design with a unique and modest clean lines and front forks. The Key material of the concept is recyclable molded plastics. At the same time, the market price of the bike is drastically reduced even it is able to keep out environment green. You can have all of the features that are available in conventional bikes; it is functional and provides comfort for the riders. In order to bring you the rider protection, it has a built-in safety solution and features a dynamo to power the front and rear lights.

This month will become one of the finest months in the Japanese lives as Hallods has recently released its eT4300 HD-capable PMP. The size of the PMP is 72mm x 111mm x 15mm while it weighs just 150g. Along with the player, you can have a 4.3-inch (800×480) touchscreen display, a 720p video output, and an 8GB of internal memory. Moreover, if you want to upgrade the storage capacity of the player, you can do it using an SD/SDHC Memory card. The battery of the PMP brings the backup time up to 180 minutes for the Video Playback and 13 hours of Audio Playback.

If you’ve connected an External Display to the Computer and you’re getting the symptoms “Television is not recognized” or “Unable to activate TV-out”, what can you do? No Ideassss??
No problem, because earlier we too had no ideas about this issue. The main reason for this issue is improper Display Settings, a Computer without a TV-Output Port, a cable requiring replacement, an outdated Graphics Driver or any other factors.
Okay, let’s come to the point. If you want to resolve the issue and you don’t know what to do. It’s okay, just follow the following steps as exactly mentioned to resolve the issue.
To resolve most problems associated with TV-out activation, use the following steps to enable TV-out from the Intel® graphics driver tab:

Have you ever worried about the inability to find the version of the Internet Protocol that is in your Windows 7 Operating System? Now, you can put an end for that, as we are ready to provide you the information about this. In order to fulfill the demand of the IP Addresses, IPv6 has been introduced for the Windows. You can use the following steps to find out if the version is Internet Protocol IPv4 or IPv6. To do this you’ve to open the Network Sharing Center.

For the Windows PowerShell, command-line counterpart of the Server Manager is ServerManager module. It is not possible to import this module into the Windows PowerShell by default. However, you can import the Module before you can use the cmdlets it provides. Still, if you want to import the Server Manager module, just enter Import-Module ServerManager at the Windows PowerShell prompt. Once you import the Module in the PowerShell prompt, you can use it with the currently running instance of the Windows PowerShell. If you start the Windows PowerShell next time, it is required to import the Module again in order to use its features.
In our blog, we have already discussed about the many Network monitoring Software. In such a way, this is another tool gets ready to join the list. The name of the tool is Longitude that is able to monitor the Network performance with power and capability. Moreover, with this Software, you can have a better performance for your requirement about the Network Monitoring. It has been especially designed for monitoring, alerting and reporting purposes. It monitors your critical Windows, Unix and Linux Systems. At the same time, the Software is capable to receive E-mails, Phones, Pager Alerts, Generate SNMP traps and perform corrective action automatically. Therefore, you can use this Software to monitor multiple vital performance metrics, alerts and to solve the issues proactively.

In order to bring the speed, comfort and futuristic boat design, a new concept has been designed called KARDIS K6.9. It is the next generation vessel and resembles the Cyborg robots. This ultra light-body concept has two power engines that let you attain more speed than most of the others in its category.  Moreover, you can have the comfort and ultimate sun bed with its interior revolutionary layout along with the versatile facilities. This concept is inspired by the sport boats that are able to reflect on its specially designed hull in order to ensure smooth and swift propelling over rough water.

One of the famous Taiwanese companies Integrated Digital Technologies well known as IDTI has released the latest 21.5-inch Full HD Touchscreen Display during CeBIT 2010. It has come out with an HDMI/D Sub input and with the ability to support the Windows 7 Operating System. The IDTI 21.5-inch Full HD is available for $300. Each of the purchase has been equipped with a stylish Screen. If you want to know more about the device, just have a look at this Video.

If you’re tired of looking for the steps to enable or disable the Autoplay feature for all of the media devices, you can get relaxed here. In this article, we have given the steps to disable and enable the Autoplay feature for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Operating Systems. All you’ve to do is just follow the following steps.
As most of the controls of the Computer have been controlled by the Control Panel, even for this you’ve to open the Control Panel.
How to enable the Autoplay feature in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Now, you can start using the FLEXI for outdoor use as it has come out with an ambient light source. It will be very useful for you, as you never forget to take a flashlight during your outing. This innovative flashlight can be used as both Flashlight and ambient light source. With this FLEXI, you can have both directional light and ambient illumination for a convenient cooking and other activities of the campers. The flashlight of the concept is mostly used for directional lighting task than lighting larger areas.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), you can never deny it. However, sometimes it is required to disable the Internet Protocol Version (IPV6) in order to enable the Wireless connection or a Wired communication with the Router. Moreover, disabling the IPv6 is required to enable the Ethernet Local Area Network. Now, let’s check the steps to disable it.
1.    Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel .
2.    First, open the Control Panel from the Start Menu.
3.    Now, you’ve to choose the Network and Internet.
4.    In that Windows, click on the Network and Sharing Center.

Unable to open the .exe files has become the popular error message today. Whenever you double click on the .exe file, you can get the dialog box “Open With” or it will open as a Notepad or any other program. This issue occurs due to the conflict with the Registry files of the Computer. If you’re sure that the Registry is good, then the issue may be related with the Virus. You can follow the following steps to resolve the issue.

If you want to select a different power plan and you don’t know to do that, this article will be the finest solution for you. All you have to do is, just click on the Battery Icon from the Notification area of the Taskbar. Then, select one of the Power Plans that appear on the Battery Meter. Usually, the Balanced and Power Saver plans will be appeared on the Battery Meter. However, the Computer manufacturer provides an additional option to customize the Battery Meter of the Computer.
Now, let’s see the steps adjust the Battery Meter settings.
The following steps will be more useful for those who have the Battery Meter.

Hibernation and Sleep Mode hold an important place for the Notebook Computers. It is easy to adjust the timing of the Computer to go to Hibernation or Sleep Mode as well as turning itself OFF altogether but you have to be careful, as there is a risk of Data loss if the Battery dies. It happens on a battery powered Notebook Computer. In this article, we have given the steps to prevent the Computer from entering a power-saving state.
•    First, you have to go to the Power Options from the Start Menu, Control Panel and then System and Security.
•    Now, on the select a power plan page, you have to click on Change plan settings next to be selected plan.

If you’re new to Windows 7 and you want to optimize your Computer, this is one of the finest tips for you. In this article, we have provided the steps to modify the Registry of the Computer.
If you modify the registry incorrectly, some serious problems might occur and these issues might require reinstalling the Operating System. Therefore, ensure that you follow the steps carefully. At the same time, if you want to take a backup of the Registry, you can take if before modify it. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs or whenever you want. If you don’t know the backup the registry we have given an article in our site to backup and restore the Windows Registry and its components. Search for the article and backup the Registry Files safely.
How to disable the Taskbar Properties in Windows 7

We know you may have updated Windows 7 using the default Updater as it is able to download the update from the internet to install it in the Computer. At the same time, if you want to update Windows 7, you’ve to manually go to online to update the updates in the Computer again. It is the greatest annoyance and you can easily come out of this though. Moreover, you can easily update the updates for Windows even offline. All you have to have is an Autopatcher tool. Using this tool, you can install the updates it can be installed in any number of Computers. This tool makes the downloading work easier. Therefore, you can download the Windows Updates like downloading the Software or any applications from Internet.

Context Menu Editor is an important free utility that lets you add and delete application shortcuts, commands and website URLs. It is compatible with both 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. All you have to do to start the application is just right click on the extracted executable and select Run as administrator. Then, just click on the Set Button on the Applications interface as shown in the screenshot.

If you’re looking for the steps to increase or decrease the Hardware Graphics Acceleration in the Windows Vista Operating System and you don’t know the steps, don’t worry. Just go through the instructions given below to perform the steps.
•    For this first you have to go to the Control Panel.
•    Click on the Start Button and select the Control Panel.
•    Now, from the Control Panel windows, you’ve to pick a category.
•    Double click on the Appearance and Themes icon.

Windows 7, realty we can’t deny the features of this Operating System. However, there are some exceptions which we can’t perform in the Windows 7 Operating System. In this case, we have to use the features of the previous version of Windows. In such a way, one of the most often used features is using the Run Command from the previous versions of the Operating System as it has been replaced by the Search Panel of the Operating System. If you want to restore the Run Command back in the Windows 7, just follow the steps provided in this article.

Dial Phone is the newest concept that gets ready to take on other innovative and inimitable concepts about minimizing the size and the shape of Cell Phones through a repeated development. In this mobile concept, a traditional Dial-Phone technology is utilized which is combined with a beautiful design just like a fashion accessory. All you have to do to make a call is just unfasten the phone from your wrist and place it on any surface. Then, it will project the numbers and characters from the interior holes.

Vivacom, one of the leading network carrier giants of Bulgaria has planned to release Motorola Milestone. The device has been equipped with Android 2.1 Operating System. It is scheduled to release on March 20th of 2010. The other features of the device are 3.7-inch Touchscreen Display, a 5-Megapixel Autofocus Camera, a full QWERTY Keyboard, GPS, WiFi, a 3.5MM Headset Jack. Moreover, the device is able to support for quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and dual-band 900/2100 WCDMA connectivity. At the same time, the Vivacom claims the first to run the Smartphone Motorola Milestone.

Have you ever received the error message “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”? If so, you should follow the steps provided below to resolve the issue. If ant corresponding binary file has been corrupted or deleted, this error may occur, a file I/O problem, or if a Device Driver can’t be loaded or installed in the Computer for the corresponding device. Usually, this error can be resolved by uninstalling the corresponding Driver of the Device.
Sometimes the issue will occur even after installing the Drivers for the Device. Consider if the issue is related with your Computer’s Optical Drive (CD/DVD), you can fix this trouble by simply editing the Registry Settings of the Computer.

As we know, you know the importance of the Wireless-N 802.11n Networking Support. We even know that some of you don’t know to enable the Wireless N in the latest Operating Systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7 because, we just came to know about enabling this feature. Usually, the Wireless-N 802.11n Networking Support will be enabled by default. If you want to play with it by enabling or disabling, please follow the following steps.
Enabling and disabling the feature is just like eating an Ice Cream.

The much-awaited HP Slate has been unveiled by Steve Ballmer at CES 2010. As it runs on Windows 7, it is able to go with Flash. In the given video, you can watch the demonstration by Adobe about the capabilities of the HP Slate that runs on Flash on the Web like being able to play videos anywhere on the Internet and not just in YouTube. In addition, the Flash lets you access other content-rich applications on the web such as magazines and casual Flash-based games. 80% of the top 100 websites use Flash to deliver the content in some way is the interesting fact about the Flash.

If you’re looking for the best quality of the picture with the best Sound quality even after conversion, opt Aiprosoft Nokia Video Converter. This tool is able to convert the video files to the Nokia Mobile Phone format with the best quality. ASF, HD, MPEG, MPG, MOD, FLV, RM, SWF and WMV are the supported file format for this converter. Moreover, you can adjust the settings for the best Video Output to double the enjoyment of watching Videos on your Nokia. Although the tool holds more features, yet it is easy to use even for the novices. You can make all of your conversion for your desired formats in seconds. Therefore, you can download the Aiprosoft Nokia Video Converter free to enhance the enjoyment of watching Videos on the Nokia Phone. This tool is compatible with N96, E63, E71, E75, N73, N75, N95, 5300, 6555 and so on.

Nexus will be the finest solution for commuting solution inside the Airports as it is powered by an electric power. This Nexus Scooter concept has been designed by Francisco Lupin. There are two electric engines powered by four 12V Batteries in the front wheel of the Nexus Scooter. From these batteries, you can have 2 hours of continuous use for commuting. The rear wheel of the concept is a freewheel that provides a third point of support in order to ensure up to 110 Kg of load to be carried. Moreover, the front past of the Nexus concept has power plug with the ability to be used with either 110V or 220V. 6061 Aluminum is used to make the Handel bar of the scooter.

Master Voyager lets you keep your CD/DVD and Flash Drives protected with the Password. This multifunctional tool has been especially designed for this purpose, it is fully autonomous and it doesn’t need any special software installed on the Computer. Moreover, you can create protected media on first Computer and “Play” it on a second Computer with installed OS like Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Besides, you can send the password protected CD/DVD that has your sensitive data via usual postal mail. The encrypted backups on CD/DVD can be kept in Public Places. Even if the encrypted USB Flash Drive is stole, this reliable tool will never let the Data to be stolen. While using this tool, it is not required to decrypt the files on your CD/DVD and Flash Drives. All you have to do is just enter the password and work with any documents on CD/DVD and Flash Drives as with any usual storage device. The technology in this tool used to encrypt the Data is Encryption Standard 256 Bit by the US Government Organizations.

Now, Windows Mobile Phone users can have the option to update their location using Foursquare. Foursquare is a location-based Social Networking website that makes the user’s work simple to stay connected with friends and to update the location. As per the sources, it is one of the fastest growing location based Social Networking. Moreover, this tool is widely spread with its usage and popularity. Actually, this tool is termed as WinMoSquare and available for download from the Market Place.

In order to bring the maximum safety for the swimmers, the Cognitive Balloon concept has been designed. It is able to alert lifeguards about a danger of the swimmers. The concept aims to eliminate the difficulties of seashore lifeguards to spot a person in danger and their exact location. Moreover, the Concept is able to eliminate the hassle of the swimmers to wear inconvenient and ugly safety gears just by featuring a fashionable discrete wristband. In addition, the Wristband is able to release a balloon with a simple button press.

AutoPatcher enhances the facility to download all the latest released service packs and patches for the Operating System and Microsoft Office. It is one of the finest and first Software to offer this feature for the Microsoft updates. Earlier as this Service was withdrawn from Microsoft, the tool has come back with the efficient feature. Now, the application is completely changed from the way it works.
You can have this AutoPatcher in a portable format and you can execute it after unpacking the downloaded file. Then, the tool will display a list of all available release packages that can be downloaded to the local Computer System.

You may know the importance of the WordPress today as it is the finest backend for most of the blogs on net. Open Source is the major part of the fame of the WordPress and it supports the developers from worldwide. At the same time, it is able to offer the maximum number of plugins and themes. The developers have already started exploring possibilities of the Desktop Application for the WordPress.

Security Research Company has uncovered security vulnerability in Opera 10.5 and previous version. The name of the Company is VUPEN Security. Usually, the issue occurs due to the overflow of an error when the user visits website malformed HTTP headers. This security vulnerability has been confirmed that it works on Opera 10.50 for Windows XP SP3 with the likelihood that the other Operating Systems and Opera Version are affected as well.
Moreover, the Security Company has proved that the vulnerability can be exploited by attackers in order to crash the Browser and execute code on the Computer System. At the same, the Opera Browser was contacted by The Register after the disclosure of the vulnerability.
If you’re using an older version of Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger and you don’t want to update them, still you can get a prompt that you’ve to update to the newer version and. This is the best annoyance that we feel. The latest version of the Windows Live Messenger is 14.x pronounced as Windows Live Messenger 2009. In such cases, you can use the free utility that is able to fix this older version error message. Moreover, you can keep using the installed Windows Live Messenger in the Computer and stop error message from prompting to install the latest update in the Computer.
The name of the program is WLM No Update which is able to stop forcing you to update the latest version of the Messengers like Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger.

Chromatia Tuner is an advanced instrument tuner that works with almost any instrument.
An advanced Instrument Tuner called Chromatia Tuner has been designed. It is compatible with almost all of the instruments. Using this application, you can make the Computer as an advanced reference quality instrument tuner with the capability to work with all of the instruments. Moreover, this application lets you add your own custom scales and temperaments. Following are the some important features of this tool.

A new type Keyboard with 69 Keys, Touchpad and Laser pointer has been unveiled in the market. The name of the Keyboard is Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard. As it is portable, you can take this wherever you go. It has come out with Backlit with 26 pcs dazzling bright LED lights to help when using in poor lighting environments. Besides, it features 2.4GHz Radio Frequency with USB Receiver, the world’s first Touchpad that can be used from Horizontal and vertical positions. Moreover, Built-in rechargeable with power lithium battery, iPhone Style craft, classic style, One wireless laser pointer and e-Pointer. The suggested price of the newest Keyboard is $92.

There are a lot of new services from Google that are live inside other Google Applications, without any standalone interface. In order to facilitate the adoption of a new service, you can use this interesting approach. At the same time, it makes difficult to find a new service. You can have the Google Tasks inside Gmail, Google Calend, as an iGoogle gadget and as a mobile app, but there is no standalone desktop interface. The Google Buzz integrates with Gmail, Google Maps. However, you can’t find a separate desktop interface.

The two important filters in the “Search Options” are Google Social Search and Google Real-time Search.

In order to enable the support for Windows Server 2008 R2, to enable new management scenarios, to address user concerns, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 provides the feature.

The new feature has come out with the following:

•    Live Migration Management of the Live Migration feature is for Hyper-V R2 for both planned and unplanned downtime scenarios.
•    Multiple Virtual Machines per LUN is able to utilize the Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) feature of Windows Server 2008 R2, VMM R2 that is able to allow multiple virtual machines in order to reside on the same CSV-enabled logical unit number (LUN). Moreover, you can migrate a virtual machine independently from the others residing on the same LUN.
•    SAN Migration In And Out Of Clusters with VMM R2, it is easy to migrate a virtual machine from one cluster to another. In addition, you can do it from a stand-alone host into a cluster or vice versa.
Mac Funamizu is the designer of this Funny USB Memory Stick. This concept is inspired by a Japanese revolving lantern and it is able to offer an excellent and unique aesthetic with its body. The body of the device is a glassy transparent and it is able to bring all of the convenient. Inside the body of the Concept, you can have different types of colored lightings for different Data. If you have images in the Device, the Pink color light will glow in the Device, Green light is for movies, Blue is for Documents and if there is not light it means no Data is written in the Device.

In this article, we’re going to discuss about two tiny programs that are compatible with the Mac. First one is, Caffeine and as said above it is a tiny program that is able to place an icon at the right side of the Menu Bar. You can click on it in order to prevent the Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting Screen Savers. Moreover, you can click on it again to go back. Right-click (or ?-click) the icon to show the menu.

Now, you can get the information in order to prepare for any deployment Software updates after you configure the Software updates infrastructure and synchronize Software updates. For this, you’ve to have SuperFlow. It is an interactive content model that provides a structured and interactive interface viewing documentation. Moreover, each of the SuperFlow has comprehensive information about a specific dataflow, workflow or process. You can get the detailed information, overview information, procedures, samples log entries information, steps that include detailed information, best practices, real-world scenarios, troubleshooting information, security information, animations, or other information by depending upon the focus of the SuperFlow. At the same time, each of the SuperFlow comprises the links to relevant resources like Websites, Local Files that are copied to the Computer when you install the SuperFlow.
In order to enable the Spoofing Of MAC Address in the virtual network adapter settings, there is a new option available in Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and Hyper-V Server 2008 R2. Consider, if you’re not interested to select the option and disallow MAC Address Spoofing, the following rules will be enforced.

• The Virtual Switch Port that is able to connect the Virtual Network Adapter can send and receive the packets that have any valid MAC address.
• MAC address of the Virtual Network Adapter can’t be moved or associated with another Virtual Switch Port.
• The Virtual Switch Port wont forward unicast flooded packets to the Virtual Network Adapter.
• Moreover, it is not possible to override the Virtual Network Adapter MAC Address configuration by using the Network Address Key in the Virtual Machine Registry.

If you’re familiar with Windows Vista, you may know about the two types of UAC Settings. Whereas, Windows 7 features you more settings.
Now, let’s look at the steps to adjust the UAC Settings in Windows 7.
•    First, open the User Account Control Settings by typing UAC in the Start Search box.
•    Then, click Change User Account Control Settings in the Control Panel window.
•    After that, you have to move the slider in order to desired notification settings.
•    Then, click on OK.
•    Now, you can view four UAC settings that you can choose from.

ProtectStart Data Shredder is reliable and efficient Software to shred the files. It is a lightweight, fast and easy to use file shredder. Therefore, you can shred the sensitive data within seconds safely and efficiently. If you’re deleting any files manually, they can be recovered easily. In order to solve this issue, you have to have this reliable tool to shred the data beyond recovery. At the same time, the Software supports a safe and secured way to delete the Data from the Hard Drive or any storage devices. If you use this tool, you can be stress free, as none of your confidential information such as Bank Data, Passwords and employee data will be recovered.

'Lexar Echo ZE' is the latest flash-based backup drive from Lexar Media. The new device is announced at MWC 2010 and designed to protect valuable Data on Netbook and Notebook Computers. Moreover, Echo ZE backup drive products users with portable, easy-to-use file backup solutions for their mobile lifestyles. It measures just .1 by 15.1 millimeter and plug-and-stay design concept. You can say that it is an always-ready drive providing a convenient means to backup essential files anytime and anywhere automatically. The main advantage of this device is it is interoperable Windows (XP, Vista and 7) and Mac OS X Operating Systems. Therefore, you can access the Data using a PC or Mac Computers.

Natalia Ponomareva has designed a new concept called Touch & Go. It is an innovative navigational system especially has been designed for the blind people in order to make them self-directed. They can wear this navigational device in their hands. The Concept includes a hand gadget along with an earpiece and a tactile display. This display is able to provide the directions as a map. Moreover, this concept is able to direct at 1:1000 scale and remains in the center of the positions of the users. At the same time, it has an indicator arrow that directs the user to move in and supports the user via auditory signals to the earphone. This earphone has been equipped with an ultrasonic transmitter-receiver.