Now Pioneer is ready to provide an all in one solution for navigation and multimedia. The name of the device is NavGate AVIC-F9110BT. This device offers a 5.8-inch WVGA touchscreen display, GPS navigation for 44 European countries (TeleAtlas maps), an SD memory card slot, a USB port, CD/DVD playback support, iPod connectivity, 50Watts x 4Watts MOSFET amplifier, and three RCA outs.

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All of you know to use the F8 key to enter the Safe Mode, but most of us don’t know to disable the F8 key while booting the system to enter the Safe Mode as we feel that it is not such an important thing. But it is more important to prevent our system for strangers. There are two methods available to disable the safe mode option; first, one is HexEdit method, which can be used from hidden NTLDR file in the root of the drive where the operating system is installed. The main thing to be noted about this method is, it is supposed to work with only Windows XP and it won’t support Windows Vista.

Click to insert text in YouTube videos

Now you can have a new statistics answer feature in Google search results. This feature will be pulled out from public data, as the Google Blog Explains. For an example, we have given the details about Unemployment rate of California in a chart, based on data by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics with a bit next to it reading “11.5% of the labor force - Not seasonally adjusted - Mar 2009”. If we want a bigger chart, we can click through a bigger chart, which lets us choose other US states to compare with California.

Click to make your Gmail faster than ever

A new update is available for Google Mobile App for iPhone that has come out with the following features.
•Speed improvements for search by voice.
•Support for British and Australian accents.
•Various bug fixes.
Longer version number.

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Now you can have the emoticons in different 19 expressions of human face, they are in the field after a successful launch of emoticons for mail. You can have the icons for animal kingdom such as emoticons and emoticons1 , emoticons for both love emoticons2, heartbreak emoticons3a pile of emoticons4.

Click to know about Filter Import and Export features in Gmail Labs

You might have noticed the changes in Windows Live; definitely, this feature will be one of the best features you need.

Now includes Facebook
Facebook has been added to Windows Live, joining other services like Wordpress, Photobucket, Flickr, and Twitter, so everyone in your Windows Live network can see your updates from across the Web via the "What's New" feed.

Want to know your Mobile Windows Messenger ?

This is a new model MP3 format converter, which can be used to convert the older format music collection. The name of the device is Vestax Portable USB Turntable Recorder. You can use this device easily; just connect the device to your system via USB recorder.

Click to know Cassette to Digital MP3 Converter

Now you can feel the hardcore website monitoring technology with a powerful application called AlertFox Free Website Monitoring Tool. This tool is available in beta version, which can provide website monitoring service for Web 2.0 and SaaS web application. It has come out with the capability to monitor all the popular internet applications, which can comprise ActiveX, AJAX, Flash, Flex, complex HTML and Silverlight technology.

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It is normal for everyone to have their meals, but is special to those who are having Orchestra Kitchenware. It introduces a new means of spicing your meals. You can add some traditional music from the kitchenware as it can make you stress free and set your mood in the spirit. At the same time dance and movement lets you feel hungry; therefore you can have your meals with more taste than ever.

Click to use Automatic Sound Mixing Software - Disco XT DJ

Renault E0 the perfect and reliable car concept looks artistic and brilliant. The symbol of this name E0 represents Emission ZERO, designed by Liviu Tudoran. The design of this car is based on a particular style of Renault, which is inspired by the architecture of Frank Gary. The car has come out with four seats, which especially has been designed for the upcoming future.

Want to know about Lamborghini Murcielago - Lighter, Faster and Powerful car ?

You can now have high quality digital (DVBT) and analog TV signal reception with the help of Express TV Stick, comes from Asus. This device brings you a convenient multimedia entertainment from TV. If you want to feel the experience just plug the Asus Express TV Stick into a free USB slot then you can have an instant display with the help of built-in Asus Pop-Up technology.

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You may have seen too many chargers in our blog and somewhere else. Still this is a new one which can make you stress free of remembering every time to take along with you. The name of the charger is My Pocket Charger works as a Power Source Mini portable charger, which is a portable one, comes from Duracell. There are two AA batteries available in this smaller My Pocket Charger for power source.

Click to know about the steam power mobile charger

If you are a netizen definitely, you might have known the uses of Paypal, as you know it is the best way to transfer the money online. This reliable service is applicable with many countries. But the fact is most of us don’t know the currencies, exchange rates and exact calculation of Paypal transfer rate. To come out of this issue Paypal calculator is designed by Ryan Olbe, which is the perfect choice for you.

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Second version of Pocket Video Camera with HD is ready to come from Pure Digital. This Flip Ultra HD will be coming out with the same 720p recording and 4GB (2 hours) of storage as the Flip Mino HD but the same form factor as the standard-definition Flip Ultra.

Want to capture the clips from a video ?

If you worrying about your memories stored in photographs, just stop worrying about it. Because this is a new model, digital Portable device called ALBUM Portable Digital Photo Gallery. It can bring the finest solution for your memories.

Click to use start menu in Portable Devices

Already we have seen so many models of USB hubs in our blog regularly. In such a way this is another model hub to be disclosed to you. This is perfect if you have some old IDE 4 Bays HDD enclosures you would like to share on a server and create a "mini" NAS. The name of the device is Corega NUHo4.

Click to know about USB Hub with Sound Generator

This is the latest feature comes for Google Image Search to find out the beautiful wallpapers for decorating the desktop.
Here we have given the simple steps to use the feature.

Which is the best Image Search - Google Or Yahoo ?

The world’s IPL2 fever just now began and all of us are aware of the hot matches. To cherish the fever, Orkut has released a new theme for Kolkata Knight Riders for a limited time. This team will be available until 24 May of 2009. This team is owned by Sha Rukh Khan, the Indian Cinema super star. Some sources say that hack will be available for this theme.

click to make Orkut fast to load

Orkut has launched its new built-in chat feature to stay in touch with your friends online much easier than with a lot of fun. You can come across a little green available bubble next to the name of a good friend to make an online chat on Orkut.

Click to integrate multiple themes in a single theme in Orkut

Sony once again has proved that it is one of the biggest rivals of Sanyo to offer short focus video projectors. Today Sony has released its latest data projectors called VPL-EX7 and VPL-EX70. These both models will work at the distance of 1.8m to project a 60” size worth screen with a 1024x768 resolution.

Click to know about New Mobile Projectors from Canon

If you want to set controls, block or set restrictions over the internet and network access, you can go with Internet Access Controller. When you read the name of the tool easily, you can understand the work of this tool. Therefore, you can let others access the internet in the way you want. With this tool it is possible to impose schedules, time or restrictions on the access of Internet or even password protect the web. This in return safeguards your system from viruses, trojans, worms that can come from malicious websites or programs.

Click to check download speed of your internet in Multiple URLS

We know that you have been using the flash drives for a long time, but we don’t know that you might have use this type of flash drive. Because this is a Nano Flash Drive called EagleTec. This gadget offers FD Nano Disk USB Flash Drive, which is an ultra compact memory device with the storage capacity of 4GB to 8GB.

Click to know about Real Finger USB Flash Drive

It is impossible to be without watching YouTube videos but it is sometimes impossible to watch multiple YouTube videos simultaneously. However, now watching multiple videos in YouTube is too possible with YouCube. YouCube brings an advanced way to watch multiple YouTube videos in the form of interactive 3D Cube. In this cube, you can upload upto 6YouTube videos each will be played on either side of the cube.

Want to filter comments in YouTube ?

YouCube Demo Video from Aaron Meyers on Vimeo.

JawBone Prime is a new model Bluetooth headset comes from Aliph. This third generation headset is a slight cosmetic redesign, which comprises new and more colors. It has the facility to cancel the noise by its noise cancellation engine that adds another 6DB to 9DB of outside sound reduction through the namesake jaw-based method. Moreover, it has a reliable mechanism, which can bring good result when the jaw is not in contact to reduce wind noise.

Click to know about Elecom XCALGO Headphones

It is time for Google to keep improving its features. In such a way, Google Docs has removed its limitations. Therefore, earlier only first 100 pages of the uploaded PDF files will be displayed, but now you can upload the longer documents as long as the size is lesser than 10MB. Another major change in this is, you can upload more than 100 PDFs, but we don’t know about new upper bound.

Click to sort tables in Google Docs easily

We don’t know that this is a good news or a bad news, because Google Vides has removed the ability to upload videos and it is now just a video search engine. Although YouTube is a better place to share the videos, to capture the audiences, and to watch the videos yet Google Video has some unique appeal, which is not overcome by any other sites.
Another change of this Google Video is, it has updated the design for the search results pages and changes the TV view mode to look more like the standard results pages for web search.

Click to filter comments in YouTube

It is sometimes more interested and sometimes it is more tortured when we look at the comments posted in YouTube. To come out of this trouble YouTube has tried many different ways to filter the noise, adding an option to mark comments as spam, voting comments, previewing comments before posting them but the results will be sometime more irritated.
You can have extensions for Firefox, which can hide the undesirable comments. Still you are so tired of the ignorant, prejudiced, and hate mongering.

Want to insert text in YouTube videos

Comprising the movies and TV shows, Amazon has expanded its Video on Demand service with new HD contents. You can have the TV shows on compatible HDTVs, set-top boxes and in computer as a stream or download. Unfortunately, the HD movies are not yet available for computers. The company already has 500 TV shows and movies available with the facility to increase the feature subsequently.

Click to watch full length movies in YouTube

Firefox has released its latest error fixed version called Firefox 3.0.9. It has come out with the efficiency to fix the critical errors, which are found in the earlier version Firefox 3.0.8.

Click to compare Firefox 3.0.8 and Firefox 3.0.9

Features :
•It can fix the several security issues.
•It can fix several stability issues.

A JavaScript option called Data Export API is included in Google’s Web Stats Tracker Analytics. Now you have the capability to develop client applications that download Analytics data in the form of Google Data API feeds. Therefore, your client application will use the Data Export API to request data from an existing Analytics profile for an authorized user and refine the results of the request using query parameters.

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It is not time for only computers but for TVs too. Adobe system has developed a new variety, for from the PC to TVs, as they want to bring rich web animations and videos for its customers. Today the company has announced its latest version of its Flash Multimedia platform for internet connected TVs, set-top boxes, blu-ray players and other digital home devices.

Click to know about 13.3-Inch LCD TV from CLAiR

Paper [PDF] a new approach of Captchas, has been released by Google researchers. This new feature will be very useful instead of using captchas to confirm that user is not a spam and he is a human. This new feature is about to orient a picture into an upright-facing position. We can change the position of the given image, it is too better than entering captchas. Here we have given some example images.

Click to disable ThumbNails in Google Chrome

As per the announcement, Google Page Creator will be closed and all the linked web pages will be migrated to Google Sites.

Google Page Creator :

Already you might have noticed Google Page Creator, which has been launched in 2006 as an experimental service. It is a testbed for a rich text editor that is to be added to other Google services. Moreover, this page creator is a free tool available for creating web pages right in your browser and you can publish them to the web in one click.

Want to translate your Word document in MS Office itself ?

One of the biggest High Definition Technology companies Panasonic Corporation has announced a professional 3D Full HD Production system. This device claims the first in the industry, consists of a twin-lens P2 professional camera recorder and a 3D Compatible High definition display.

Click to know about the camcorder with 64GB SSD

If you are searching for an accurate internet search use iMetaSearch, which is a fast, reliable, and smart tool to fulfill your requirement. It has come out with more features and it includes effective performance to bring capable results. This tool is more capable to gather results for you from various search engines and establishes state-of-the-art techniques for intelligently indexing, clustering, and organizing your results.

Click to recognize the characters from an image

Today Fujitsu has announced its latest development of the world’s first imaging technology. It is used in palm vein biometric authentication to operate while the palm is in motion. This new technology needs only one millisecond approximately to capture the given image and it can bring the same level of accuracy in authentication as last iteration of this technology.

Want to know the Micro Projector from Samsung

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Google Inc.'s YouTube said Thursday it is vastly expanding its library of full-length movies and TV shows it offers online, while also launching a new advertising service and adding about a dozen new content partners.
The long-form videos will be housed on a unique page at and get a "Shows" tab on the main YouTube site. The offering, which went live late Thursday, marks a further departure from the fuzzy homemade clips that made the Web site popular and is the latest move in YouTube's attempt to boost sales and profits. Last week, YouTube announced it was teaming up with Universal Music Group to create an online music video venture.

You can use DoInk free online drawing and animation purpose that can be run right in your browser. You can use this treat it like Microsoft Paint and you can create vector-based designs to create relatively advanced animations. Moreover, it is easier and intuitive to add additional frames and this app will save everything you are working on in the background, therefore there are no local files to worry about them. In additional you can access this again just like a software app.

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There is another feature rocks from Gmail, which you need often, and you didn’t know its importance until it comes to you. Have you ever felt that you have missed someone important out of an email and you tried your best to find the missed one? Yes, your screaming reached the Gmail to bring out this feature called “Suggest more recipients."

Want to insert images easily in Gmail ?

Tryi Yah has especially designed an Apple MAC Folder which is has lightness and style. This ultra slim e-folder device has come out with a touchscreen dislplay and runs with MAC operating system. This device can give a fantastic typing experience as it has come out with edgy large button in the keyboards.

Click to know about FLEPia E-Book Reader

This USB hub is designed as the World Cup is going to get started soon. The specialty of this hub is, it will never affected by the dust. Whenever you want to use this hub just press the button on the top of the soccer hub, it will release automatically. The price of this device is just $12.

Click to know about Neko Cat Type USB Hub

If you are looking for adding text caption to your personal YouTube videos, there is a perfect solution available for you. It is a web-based tool called CaptionTube can bring an execution. With this tool, you can add caption within web browser to any of your uploaded YouTube videos. In order to use this tool you have to sign in using Google Account and then pick a YouTube video.

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If you are familiar with BBC iPlayer then this will be good news for you. BBC has announced a High Definition Downloads via a new version of the service’s desktop client. The client has the facility to detect the speed of your connection which will bring the appropriate bit-rate version depends upon our internet connection.

Click to access internet radio stations in your iPhone

Google Maps has come out with new layer showing webcams. If you want to enable this feature click on “More” at the top, check the webcams box, and then click on New York (example). Then the image will bring your very recent snapshot, which has been shot in last 15 minutes.

Click to find interesting place in Google Maps

This is a new type converter used for converting tape cassette to MP3 format. The name of the device is Digital MP3 Converter MV-CM001U comes from Novac. The body of this device is made up of wooden box for ease use. All you have to record MP3 music form cassette is, just put any of your old cassette tape in and press the record button.

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