If you want to keep your Active Directory always clean definitely, you should have this tool called JiJi Active Directory Cleaner. This can keep your Active Directory clean from inactive users, Disabled users, Locked out users, inactive computers and disabled computers.
Moreover, you can handle deleting, disabling, enabling or unlocking the accounts in bulk easily.

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If you are a regular user of Facebook and you are having a lot of friends and activities then definitely you should read this. This is a free extension available for Facebook users to download the photos of your friends. There is much software available to do such a job, but it will take a lot of time. To come out of this trouble you can use this Facebook Photo Album Downloader.

Want to boost up your download speed ?

Sony has announced its latest 65-inch GXD-L65H1 Full HD business LCD that has come out with the capabilities to survive in extreme conditions. This LCD brings IP54 Standard for drip-proof and dust-proof. The resolution of this device is 1920 x 1080P Full HD, brightness of this device is , 2500:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time and 178-degree viewing angle.

Click to know about world's thinnest LCD tv from LG

You can cut your files efficiently and safely with the help of Data Sweeper which is well-designed software. Normally manual deletion is not safe because it can be recovered easily. This reliable software is very useful in such a situation. It can safely shred the files and it is not possible to recover the deleted data by any recovery tool.

Want to know more software to delete the data permanently ?

Already you may have seen so many models of card readers and still this is a new type card reader to join the card reader group. It is a combination of SD card reader and a mini USB cable. The name of the device is 2-in-1 SD Card Reader Cable,

Want to know about 3-in-1 USB Mouse with Microphone ?

Ryan Skelley has brought a concept called The Sunbeam Tiger during his Transportation Design course in Coventry University. This concept is all about an electric drive train with a pack of lithium-titanate battery. This battery takes lesser times to charge than a lithium-ion battery. With a fully charged battery you can have 4hours backup along with the discretionary 3-phase charger which have made the maximum range of this car around 800 miles.

Click to know about Motobecane Motivo Rocking bike

This is a new type keyboard and claims the world’s smallest USB keyboard? This tiny type keyboard brings only 56 keys complete with a retractable USB cable. This is as compact as your palm and gives you a different experience. You can have this keyboard by paying just $29.99.

Click to know about tiny backlit wireless keyboard

Greenest Monitor Display this is the newest gadget today unveiled by Dell called G2410. It is a 24-inch white LED Full HD LCD with EPEAT Gold rating device. It offers the facility to save power and it promises to deliver great images at 60% less power consumption.
The display of this device brings 250 nits of brightness, 5ms panel response time and provides 1000:1 of contrast with ability to extend up to a whooping 1 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

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Versa Model VX9600 is a new model mobile comes from LG Electronics. This touchscreen model mobile will hit the market on 1st March. It features QWERTY keypad, 2.0 megapixel camera with video capabilities, music and video player, mobile e-mail service, a microsSD slot supporting up to 16GB, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR and Wi-Fi support.

Want to know LG Watch With HSDPA capable phone ?

The world’s first HDMI 1080P digital photo viewer has been unveiled from Hi-Den Vision a Hong Kong based company. The name of this device is HD-0310, which can bring you the pixels at 1080p, and it simply allows images to be displayed from memory card direct to your HDTV.
This small and cute photo viewer is compact and it accepts USB storage devices as well as Compact Flash Type I/II, SD, SDHC, MMC, MS, MS Pro, MS PRO Duo, SmartMedia, MiniSD, Trans-Flash, MicroSD and xD.

Click to know about World's Slimmest HDTV from Samsung

Firefox has announced its latest extension for adding lightweight theming to our browser. This is an experimental level in personalizing and it builds upon the ideas that :

Want to customize your Firefox ?

The biggest growth of Korea Samsung has offered a new model mobile phone for South Korean Market. The name of the mobile is Double-Jointed Samsung SPH-W6450 it can be especially used for portable Internet Viewing. This is also well known as the OZ Double Folder Phone. It can be folded and unfolded vertically whenever you want to call or send the text messages.

Click to know about world's slimmest LED Backlight HDTV

Although you have many tools to manage your email addresses and emails efficiently this is yet another tool to do the process more effectively. The name of the tool is Direct Mail Robot, which can give you a wonderful solution.
With this tool, email marketing has become so simpler and it allows you to send personalized emails to your customers, subscribers and friends with ease. Handling this tool is so easy. All you have to do is just launch this program, prepare your mailing list and press the “start” menu to start sending and creating emails.

Want to know about Robo Mail Server ?

This new eco-friendly alarm clock is the perfect choice for those who like green gadgets. The clock doesn’t need any batteries or electricity to run. We just have to add water to power up our alarm clock and keep it topped up as the water evaporates for a constant supply of energy.

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Box.net is one of the biggest and popular web services to upload and share files online. It is supposed to offer number of tools and features for easy sharing and collaboration. Now they have launched new feature called “Web Documents” that lets the users to create and share Microsoft Word like documents with ease. Moreover, it brings online Word Editor in which you can type content of your web document.
This feature is like a Microsoft Word in which you can customize in terms of font, color and placement. It allows the users to add images, tables, video and other types of media files in your web document.

Want to import your Gmail contacts in Outlook ?

Till now it is too difficult to attach a little larger or multiple attachments with an email. To attach the mails you have to select each attachment individually and you never knew how long it would before those bigger files were ready to send.
Today Gmail has made some changes in attachment work. If you want to send multiple files from the same folder, simply hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd on OS X) and click on each file, which you want to attach to your message.

Want to read PDF Files in Gmail without PDF Reader ?

An interesting new type PC case has been released by Abee from Japan. The name of the case is Smart SC120D. You can have this PC case in Silver and Black colors. It has been constructed of aluminum with a unique design for storing the keyboard under its front panel.

Click to know about unseen Lian-Li PC case

Google has released its latest updated Toolbar for it’s users. Over a year of making, Toolbar 6 Beta for Internet Explorer has been launched which comprises a host of new features aimed at making search and navigation faster, stronger and easier than ever before. This magnificent update is launched for 40 languages simultaneously for the hundreds of millions of tool bar users worldwide.

Want to add multiple bookmarks toolbar in Firefox ?

Apple has releaed its latest version of Safari. It has come out with innovative features and it is user friendly. It brings some important features they are
Top Site :
With this feature, you can see your favorite websites in a glance with just a single click.
Cover Flow :
With this facility you can flip through your site history or book marks like you flip through albums in iTunes.
Full History Search :
This feature lets you retrieve sites, which you have seen before, and you can spot the one you want in Cover Flow.

Want to download YouTube Videos using Grab Browser ?

This new device allows you to be aware of hidden cameras. If you go to the new places, it is not possible to find the hidden wireless cameras; in such a situation, this new Keychain Wireless Detector will be very useful to you.

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Games Video Recorder is a new tool, which has come out with the ability to grab and record the games running on your system.
This handy game recorder is a handy and simple tool, which can record the games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. This tool can automatically detect any PC game running in the foreground of your system. All we have to do to record the videos is just press the hotkey combination to begin the recording.

Want to know about PMC-IC Voice Recorders ?

AMD wrote in a blog that it has put its first six-core chip on track. It belongs to “Socket 1207” platform and six core direct connect architecture which lets server work with 12,24 or 48 cores per server in the future. Although it has come out with more cores it is expected to offer the same power and thermal ranges as AMD’s existing 'Shanghai' processors”.

Want to know about Zii Stemcel Processor ?

Till now, it is not easy to install the USB 1Seg TV tuner because it is not possible to get the exe file to install both the 1Seg USB card driver and video software. Now I-O Data has released its latest SegClip GV-SC400, this has come out with fixed troubles of earlier version. The internal memory of this device is 4GB and it is preinstalled for both Driver and necessary software.

Want to know about Wireless Router Cum Converter ?

If you get bored of continuous working definitely, you will need some relaxation. However, always our mind chooses the work and refuses to entertain. Here we have a new technique by which we can watch the videos even while we are working. This is called Double Vision, which is a revolutionary way to watch videos online.

Click to manage your File Menu

Prosthetic is a boon for those who are physically impaired with humanity. This Eames inspired Prosthetic leg has been designed by Joanna Hawley with high quality materials and it is the only way out to get an iconic styled and both positive and negatively balanced prosthetics. It can make the user to be self-aware and makes free of uncomfortable and depression.

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If you want to keep your personal documents more safe and locked just go with My Lockbox, which is handy folder security software. If you use this software definitely, you will be stress free of unwanted users from accessing your data. Protected folders and files will be hidden from other users with this tool. Therefore, it is impossible to access your files from LAN and net.

Want to lock your computer via bluetooth ?

This is a web based image editor, which can let you view the basic layout of a Twitter page transparently. Therefore, we can figure out where we want to position the photos or text in the page. Moreover, we can import the photos into this free Twitter Designer. In this page, there are some pre-designed shapes, shadow or blur effects are available for our convenient.

Want to sync your Yahoo Messenger and Twitter Updates ?

Here we have given three new types of USB Hub series from Elecom called U2H-TE4B, U2H-ST4B and U2H-SL4B. This is unlike other USB hubs as they come in tiny size, shape and well designed body.

Want to know about Steampunk USB Flash Drive ?

Hanuribiz has confirmed the availability of it newer Nurian X40, it is nothing but an electronic dictionary, which is expected to be available in the South Korean market next month. You can have a variety of dictionaries in different 13 languages with authentic native speaker voice.

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This is a new type of Steampunk USB Flash Drive, already we have written about this few days back. This disk offers the facility to combine it with the Steampunk Monitor. This is a hand made device and it features laser cut pieces and a rusted design.

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AT&T users are now the men to feel another side of new experience. It is Pantech’s dual slider phone. This Matrix Pro is a Windows smartphone running WinMo 6.1 and has an alphanumeric keypad (vertical sliding) and a QWERTY keyboard (horizontal sliding). Moreover, you can have Bluetooth, microSD card slot, GPS, music player, 2-Megapixel camera, 3G and internet service.

Want to know about world's thinnest QWERTY keyboard mobile ?

Now you can use the Windows Mail Attachment Extractor Vista to extract and save the attachments and picture from your Windows Mail.
This tool can be used for effective extraction of attachments and pictures from your Windows Mail and save them to designated directory. This user-friendly tool is exclusively pre-configured to simplify the process in just three simple steps. Optionally the interface provides features to choose the extraction of pictures only or all the attachments.

Want to manage several email accounts with Multiple Inboxes in Gmail ?

Lisse T10 is a new type portable media player comes from MyRacer. It offers a 2.8-Inch touchscreeen display with 320 x 240 resolution, Built-in speaker, FM Tuner, Voice Recorder, and storage capacity of 2GB and 4GB.

Click to know about V-Moda Vibe II Head Set ?

UserInfo Tip will be very useful to those who like to mark their files, folders icons and add descriptions to them efficiently. With this tool, you can change the properties of files, files icons, file name extensions and name of a file. Therefore there would be no better tools available than this.

Want to know about Automatic Sound Mixing software ?

This is a true N-key rollover high-end keyboard and in this each key is scanned completely independently by the keyboard hardware. Therefore, each key press is correctly detected regardless of how many other keys are being pressed or held down at the time.
(Limited to 6 keys typed simultaneously due to the specifications of USB.)

Want to know about Microsoft X6 Sidewinder Gaming Keyboard ?

This is a new type device used as an external hard disk dock. In this device, you can connect your old hard disk to your computer temporarily. Once you docked your drive, it will be shown as a removable drive in Windows, Mac and Linux. Making connection with this device is possible with either a USB cable or a SATA connector. Moreover, this docking device allows the drives to be swapped by pushing the button on the base.

Want to know about super speed USB hard drive ?

You will fail to attend the calls from your mobile sometimes and this happens when your mobile is buried in pocket or bag. To come out of this situation a new type bracelet has joined your way, which gives your wrist a buzz “Vibration” when you have calls. Moreover the LCD will display the caller ID’s number and you can just press the button to attend the call or to reject when you are busy. This bracelet comes with “Link Loss Alert Function”, if you go away more than five meters from your mobile. Therefore, we can know where we missed our mobile.

Want to know about Cooker Sense Band to have safe cook ?

Few days back we described about Multiple Inboxes, which is on field as experimental feature.
If you forward all your work or school email to Gmail, you can use Multiple Inboxes to see your two accounts separately within the same browser window. Just listen to the following instructions.

Want to know about Multiple Inboxes feature from Gmail ?

Already you may know many types of CD player in the market. Nevertheless, Kenwood has announced its latest model CD player with DTS Surround Sensation and it claims the world’s first CD player to feature this facility. You can use this device as a PC or HTPC speaker.

Click to know about innovative Synth sound player KAOSSILATOR

Sharewatch lets you track and find who is accessing your files and folders. With this tool, you can look up that any anonymous access is going on there and you can disconnect them. Moreover, you can know and watch what other people are sharing and who is accessing them. At the same time, this tool will not be possible one if your computers are properly secured.

Want to view shared files and folders offline ?

This is a new type camera from Samsung known as Samsung TL320. It features 12-Megapixel camera with a 5X zoom lens and 3-inch OLED screen. However, this device is not yet officially announced.

Want to know about FirstMicro Four Third Camera ?

Now it is possible to edit the colors of your Gmail default theme. You have to use this facility until Gmail adds an option to create our own themes. If you want to customize these settings just go to Themes Section in Gmail settings, then click on “Choose Your Own Colors” and select your favorite colors for Gmail’s background, links, text messages, navigation links and more.

Want to receive mail alerts from Gmail ?

Now UMID is made to get the visitor’s attention with its 4.8-inch MID “Mbook’ during the Mobile World Congress 2009 which is made to support both Linux and Windows XP operating systems. This device flaunts its electronic dictionary sized ultra light body. This device is powered by low power consumption Atom Processor at the speed of 1.1GHz or 1.3GHz. The NAND flash memory of this device is 1GB and 32GB.

Want to know about New PMP from iRiver ?

Asus from Japan has announced its future launch of their EeeTop 1602. This device is powered by an ATOM N270 at the speed of 1.60GHZ, 1GB of RAM, Intel 945GSE Express and 160GB of HDD. Moreover this device features little 15.6” touchscreen LCD with a 1366 x 768 resolution.

Want to Boost Up your download speed ?

If you want to keep your files of the software up to date, you just go with Ketarin, which is a stand-alone program and useful one too. If a new version of software releases like Yahoo Messenger or some thing else you have to download it again or else you have to update it manually. However, this is something different, which can save one-step of your automatically downloading the new version of the software, and all you need is run the setup file again.

Click to Uninstall the software completely from your system

Now Gmail allows its users to read their mail even offline. In this new facility, you can send replies and they will be delivered as soon as you connect your internet connection. Here we have another solution to read the mails offline with the help of Adobe based desktop client for Gmail access called “Geemail”.

Click to send empty messages in Gmail

You can have a world’s renowned synth sound along with an innovative performance features into an ultra-compact unit from KAOSSILATOR. It is as compact as to keep in your pocket. With this device, anyone can play instant musical phrases by simply trapping or sliding their finger across the touchpad of KAOSSILATOR. To operate this device no prior skills are required. As this is a portable one, you can make this to run with batteries so that we can create music anywhere with eternal possibilities.

Click to know about Windows Media Player 12

Verizon Wireless in on the way to launch its 4G network and they have undertaken the trial for their 4G network. The trial is going smoothly and as expected, it will be launched by 2010. From the trial, we can know that it will give the download speed up to 60MBPS on average from 50MBPS.

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Final Uninstaller is perfect software to remove the unwanted software completely from your system. Therefore, you can get back the original speed and efficiency of your system. It has overcome all the troubles and bottle necks that arising during un-installation of any software. This handy tool will find and trace all the remains and extension of un-installed software and it can clean them completely.

Want to Manage Virtual Desktops In XP and Vista ?

If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse then this will be very good news for you. If you have gadgets like Photo Frame, Flash Drive and MP3 Player in Mickey shape you just add this web camera to the list. This device looks like a Mickey Mouse and it comes as a multifunction USB web camera.

Want to take print out from your camera ?

TokyoFlash has upgraded its Kisai aluminum LED watches. It features an animation mode so that the time will be displayed once for every 12 minutes. The LEDs will rotate On and Off in a circular formation. Single touch on the upper button will intimate a rotating animation before the remaining LEDs show the time.

Want to know about Music Mobile Phone Watch ?