AipTek, a digital device company has unveiled its new type Pocket Cinema V10 which is a compact projector to feature an integrated media player. The device can be used as a stand-alone player or can be connected to an iPod, DV, DSC, Game Console and AV connection of mobile phone. In this device user can project the screen size up to 50inches with a wide range of focal distances limit between 21cm to 180cm. The resolution of this device is 640 x 380 pixels. We can measure 125mm x 55mm x 23mm by using a white LED light source and 3M technology.

Bentley, a new type laptop is different as same as the name. This branded laptop is little costlier when you compare with other laptops. But it has some unique qualities which are not available in other models because it much fits with your expensive car which only lets you buy this. Moreover it brings some stylish and luxurious look as it has been made from quality leather and has a part chrome exterior.

Future agriculture is planned to work with an amazing harvesting system called Alga. In order to bring some advance technologies in agriculture this type of machineries are being invented. The name of the machine is Algaster which has the capacity to harvest 100Kg of alga and it stores the load in ten containers attached on the uppers side. Although the unit has been designed with lesser power yet it has some intelligent ideas.

Dell has released its new type desktop that is all-in-one type in the form of XPS One 24. The features of this device are 24inch 1920x1080 resolution display with 16:9 aspect ratio, Intel X4500 integrated graphics chipset, 4GB RAM, Intel Q8200 Quad Core processor, Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, 8x Super-Multi DVD+/-RW slot-loading optical drive, XPS One wireless keyboard and mouse set.

E-Note definitely will give you a different experience. It is a conceptual project which explores the future concept. It looks like a paper and assures us the new way of technology. The tactile and flexible electronic paper technology is being used for E-note and is powered by a solar captor. Gecko glue is used to make the E-note stuck and unstuck easily and durably.

There is no limit for our imagination but making imagination true is a real challenge for everyone. In such a way Honda has revealed a futuristic car concept. The name of the car is Great Race 2025. This car looks like a Dragon with wings and can be used to fight and travel in any kind of track so definitely it should be inspired by the dragon games. The main concept of this car is to fulfill all the demands of a great race in 2025 which will be the toughest race ever organized.

Trutap is a global service which can be used with our mobile to surf the web, to use with IM, Social networking, Blogs and to send SMSs. This is the one which is more necessary in our life even we are having a lot of IMs in our mobile life. At present the Trutap is in beta version only. Sending SMSs, inviting our friends and sending emails are under testing stage.

We really couldn’t think that a surprise is waiting for netizens. Here we have a new type of flight which is getting closer to the reality. The name of the flight is Eclipse 400 which is a personal jet and is on a right direction. It has a single engine and four seats. The speed of this flight is around 380mph and which has a capability to travel up to 1,400 miles on a single tank with stylish look and classy design.

However the Mozilla Firefox is an essential web browser sometime we get irritated of it. Today whenever i opened Firefox i had an error as “Firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience”. I have tried so many methods which are available in net and even i uninstalled the browser and reinstalled but nothing made my browser to work proper. I got very much irritated on the bloggers who have written blogs about this error. Finally i found the solution from my sister for this error. Even you can fix this trouble in simple methods.

ReignCom, a Korean company has unveiled its new personal media player with an integrated GPS functionality. To view the maps and videos this device provides us a 3.5inch 320 x 240 pixel screen. The size of the internal memory is 4GB with an optional expansion to 8GB. The system is supposed to work with Windows CE 5.0 with GPS software provided by Korea-based software company Gini. We can have a battery backup of 2.5 hours which may lose some of the customers. Especially this has been designed for the pocket than a vehicle dashboard.

We are having many types of speakers in the market. But this is an entire different type of speaker. It has come out with USB 3 in 1 multifunctional speaker which can be used as a loudspeaker with four port USB Hub and an alarm clock.

Features Of This Speaker Are :
Now Google Reader shows more information about our subscriptions. Click on a feed from the navigation sidebar. You can also type “G” then “U” followed by the first letter of the title. Then we can see the most recent posts from the feed.

One of the major problems in the MSOffice is, when the users can’t see the fonts properly either it has been sent by someone or sometimes even they download it. The main reason for this problem is the fonts which are used to prepare the document and to view the documents are not same. If you want to see the proper fonts you must have to install the same fonts in your system but it gives irritation to install the fonts every time. To come out of this trouble there are some methods in MSOffice 2007 and we don’t know clearly that this facility is available in earlier versions or not.

LG has planned to change its strategy in mobile, to aim for lower-end handsets in the region of $100-150, this is a report from The Korea Times.
This lower end handset will expand LG in the market where the LG holds small sales. Apparently LG has sold over 23mn handsets globally in Q3 this year and 28mn in Q2.

Editing and viewing the Microsoft Documents have become old now because soon you will be able to edit and view within your web browser because Microsoft gears up for developing a web based version of MSOffice.
Shortening and snipping the URLs always give us an interest while working online. It is very easy to shorten the URL link but if you want to know the real link of a shortened link you have to be silent for a long time. You can make this with few clicks.

A new model camera has been unveiled by Casio with latest facilities. The name of the device is Casio Exilim W63CA which can be recognized as a digital camera. It features an outstanding 8.1 mega-pixel camera with image stabilization, 9-point auto focus and a wide angle lens. You can easily upload the videos from your camera to YouTube directly.

A 22 year old designer named Shao Yung Yeh who has completed his studies in industrial design at Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. The name of his invention is insecta, this is the name which represents an insect type car. Insecta is a car which has come out of his thought while trying something different.

The Azure is an internet scaling cloud service platform hosted in Microsoft Data centers. It is a flexible and interoperable platform which can be used to develop new applications. It provides developers with on demand computing and storage to host, scale and manage the Web Application on the internet through the Microsoft Data centers.

As many devices are hitting the market regularly here we are having a new type of device for preparing the food for our pets. We just have to select the settings on control interface to start timer and when timer expires. We can easily know the proper amount by means of a digital scale. This device sounds once the food is ready to eat so that our pet can eat the food in the tray of the device. The name of the device is Maitre D’og. The food tray can be removed easily from the device to clean.

BloodHound SSC is a car which never goes fast but flies slow in the road. This super sonic car is the newest car models ever you seen. The size of the car is 12.8m long and 6,422kgs with fuel. This car is a made up of titanium and carbon fibre which are used to make the body of rocket and jet. The body of this car also looks like a jet and rocket which gives efficiency to the car to rush through in 1050 mph.

If you are watching a video in YouTube and feel that you have to search some more videos YouTube’s embedded player will display a list of related videos. But now YouTube offers a new facility to search the videos from the player itself. To search the videos just use the search box and type the videos name which you want to see. To see some more videos just click on the right arrow.

Moderator, you can use this to view and moderate comments from your desktop. This is a bundled package of a WordPress Plugin and Adobe Air based application. To use this application

•Install the corresponding WordPress Plugin.
•After activating the Plugin go to the setting page.
•Steps for installing the app are shown On “Moderator” admin.
Yahoo once again proved that it is the toughest rival of Google with its latest release of a Plug-in to boost up the search box internet explorer, FireFox and Safari. The name of the plug-in is Inquisitor. In this plug in, users can have the suggestions of keywords as they start to type their query. Moreover it provides the list of best match of their search and also gives the website names which have been visited by the users. At the same time users can retrieve the pages which are bookmarked a few months ago in Internet Explorer.

WordPress 2.6.3 is available now. You can have this in two different formats from your right side. It is a security release to fix susceptible troubles in the snoopy library. You can use the WordPress to fetch the feeds you see in the Dashboard. If you are using 2.6.4 you can get the two file which are needed.

Google and MediaVest are releasing together information about ad quality determined by reading brain waves and psychological responses to ads on content of the videos. The main reason is to measure the impact of YouTube overlay advertisements on attention levels, emotional engagement and other psychological metrics.

If you are finding the message like “This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine” means nothing to worry because you can fix this problem very easy. Usually this message pops up while logging in windows. This message will show a message near the system tray and keep reminding about the problem that Windows is not genuine. This has been reported especially for genuine users to get prompted. There are so many methods to fix this trouble but none of them gives the proper solution. Here we have a solution for fixing this trouble, really it is working.

This is a new type proposal of Skype for a futuristic hanger phone concept. This phone is made up of polycarbonate, aluminum and polyurethane. Calling and canceling the call have become very easy with this phone because if you want to call you just pick the phone up and once you finished the call just hang it up to put an end for the calls. You can use this phone to call even if it is connected to the computer.

Apple has planned to loose its restraints on the iPhone Software Development Kit in accordance with the refined licensing agreement by Apple Insider. Now developers let free to discuss the techniques and ideas about the problems with application. At the same time another developer may have insight on how they are forced to such a problem.

After a long time of alpha version now beta version has been released of WattOS a couple of days ago which is the lightest Linux distribution ever.
This is the recreation of Ubuntu Linux platform in a lightweight platform fashions. You can run this quickly even in low system requirements. It has come out with great improvements than Linux Distros. Mainly it has been developed to work with low system requirements and comes with three different types for the desktop.

Gmail has become more colorful and gives its users new emoticons so that you can use the emoticon for every expression.
"The black and white days of text-based emails have had their day. Following the evolutionary path blazed by colored labels, we present, in all their technicolor glory, emoticons in your mail," says Darren Lewis from Google.

Quicktionary is the name which you never forget for a long time because that provides some unique facilities which are necessary for the mobile life. It is a portable hand-held scanner cum translator to provide the translation by scanning a word by word. The translation includes the idioms and phrases with preloaded English-Spanish-English and English-French-English for instant translation as well as the American Heritage dictionary for English definitions.

First time Google has promoted G1 in its home page that "New! G1 is available now. Learn about the phone, in US. The landing page links to and features Google's homepage on Android's WebKit-based browser and a Street View image from New York. The G1 is the true phone from Google which is more than first Android-powered phone. The phone comes with everything that’s necessary to enjoy the Google’s services on a mobile phone.

Logitech has announced its new Premiere Edition Wireless Guitar as followed by the Starpex. This new premiere edition guitar has been licensed by Guitar Hero Publisher Activision and the Guitar has a wooden neck, a rosewood finger board and metal frets and tuners. The wireless accessing range of the guitar is 30ft because of an integrated 2.4GHZ wireless controller. As in the Logitech keyboard the fret board buttons use the same rubber dome technology along with a touch-sensitive neck slider which can be used in-game as well as in Guitar Hero World Tour’s new Music Studio to create an even wider away of sounds.

Apple allegedly offers QuickTime 7.6 beta version and soon it will offer Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, and Windows users 5.1 audio, as well as several optimizations. Apple has requested their developers to stress the current build with multi channel audio and playback audio in each channel but the GPU acceleration is not expected to come with this update.

Nokia E63 is the new mobile from Nokia like Nokia E71 which comes with a full QWERTY keypad, 2.6 inch 240 x 320 display with WiFi and Bluetooth. We can have this mobile in three different versions. E63-1 is the first version will be available in Europe, E63-2 which doesn’t have camera but gives the facility to add more memory and E63-3 is the mobile which will be available in America.

Among theses three two models are having a 2 mega-pixel camera unlike the front camera available in E71.

This utility offers the comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting location. Moreover it shows the details of configured program to run in system bootup or login and gives the order of the entries of Windows process.
In order to know the location of Explorer Shell Extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Winlogon notification and auto-start services you should have to configure this utility.
Crawl Rapidshare is a new custom search engine to be used with Rapidshare to index the Rapidshare files in real time instead of searching some old database; In short always we get the latest results. On top of this we can have link validity along which will show if the “rapid share file links are broken”.

”Gmail labs” has announced its new facility to its users. You can come out of the irritation to send the same message often. If you are sending an email to Google support address you will receive an instant automatic message related to your message. By using this new feature from Gmail labs we can create our own canned message and use them as automatic reply so that you can use this message very often to reply the common questions.

Now Android has become open source. This won’t claim the first open source mobile OS but claims the first free open source mobile OS and this has been designed with fully customizable mobile platform. We can have an operating system, middleware and a key mobile application from Android. In order to develop the great applications it offers a rich set of APIs to its third party developers and the source has 2.1GB. We can use Linux or Mac in order to build it and we can inspect the code online.

Rapidshare Plus is an ultimate utility to the free users like a Free Downloader or like Download Manager. To use this all we have to do is to paste a list of Rapidshare links to be downloaded in a destination folder and click the “Download” button. It will automatically start the process of downloading without any need to generate the download links manually.

Aura is the handset which lets Motorola enter the luxury mobile market. Although this is an expensive handset yet it has been expected to sell more and to compete with other luxury mobiles like Arte series from Nokia and Vertu series. This Aura offers us a very unique interface with craftsmanship.
Moreover this mobile has come out with unique circular display to support 16 million and 300 dpi resolution. The lens of the camera has been designed with Grade 1, 62 carat sapphire crystal lens. The important features of this mobile are a stainless body, Swiss-made main bearing to serve as the foundation which allows the blade to rotate with precision, 2mega-pixel camera and it gives us  Motorola’s Crystal Talk Technology.

Screensavers are the festoons of our desktop. To ensure the effects of screensavers there is a cool site from which you can download the varieties of screensavers. There is a 3D effect earthquake which allows the users to view real time earthquake activity in 3D effect. This shows the recent earthquakes of past seven days in a graphical manner with the ability to zoom and spin the 3D globe. Moreover we can customize the display of earthquake in various formats.

Now easily people can come out of the tension about their safety of vehicles because a new type of vehicle lock has been unveiled. The name of the lock is City Rack which lets us tension free once we lock the vehicle with this rack. The rack has a rounded lock by which we can easily lock our vehicle by fixing that in the vehicle. We can use this in any manner for our vehicle to lock from any side like front to middle or back.

If you want to change your Nokia phone to stay on the fast 3G connection instead of switching to the slower EDGE automatically, you have to be in an area, which has a well-covered 3G internet speed. It will be very useful to those who want to use this facility. I will explain you the method to switch between these two.

Sansa Slotmusic this is the name, which you will keep using. Especially this has been designed for the music lovers and can be used with the slot Music cards that were launched by Sandisk. We can use this to play songs from Slot Music cards albums or from microSD cards.
The important thing in this card is we can use this is with neither any PC nor any other devices to view or play the music. In order to play the music we just have to insert the Slot Music card in the slot provided to insert.

If you lose all the memorable pictures from your digital camera, nothing to worry because here we have a developed tool called Digital Photo Recovery, which is an excellent tool to recover all of our lost pictures.
This tool does not need any setups but does lot of things. Moreover, you can use this tool to recover the lost images from corrupted or accidentally formatted digital camera’s memory card. This can be used in all types of memory cards, which cannot be read by windows.

Mozilla has released its early developer version for the mobile versions of Firefox. This release is supposed to work for testing purpose only soon after it will be designed to use regularly.
This is an alpha version of Fennec which can work with only Nokia N810 internet tablet but the developers have planned to introduce this for other mobile operating systems like Windows Mobile and even for Android.

Some times Gmail users send the mails with subject (e.g “I am leaving New York today) where it is sufficient message if enter like in example in subject tab always Gmail prompts us to add some texts in body text.
Sometimes it makes us irritated.

You can create a community with your group of friends who are around your area then others can find you all together in Gtalk. Gtalk Profile allows the users to register and their location on Google Maps. According to your public or private settings, other can search and get in touch with you. Moreover, you can find the people about whom you don’t know the details except their name if they have registered in Gtalk.

The much-awaited Open Office 3.0 is on market now Sun Microsystems announced this. As this is one of the leading open-source office software this has to prove its features to its users. This has come out with many features alike Office 2007. Moreover, we can have this in many languages and for all operating systems. The interface of this software looks very clean and calm.

Adobe has come out with its new and latest version of Flash Player 10. It has a built in compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite CS4 and many additional tools, which are not available in the earlier versions. The important thing that is to be noted is Adobe Flash 10 Player is released a day after of its rival Microsoft Silver light.

Features of Adobe Flash Player 10 :
3D Effects – Gives us an easy way to transform, animate, and display object through 3D space in retaining of interactivity.
As the other side Adobe’s Creative Suite 4 Release needs, some higher end chips NVIDIA yesterday launched its new Quadro CX, which offers an optimized GPU for the new software suits. This Quadro CX especially has been designed to bring the visual effects within Adobe Photoshop CS4, Premiere Pro CS4, After Effects CS4 and some other suite application. Users can have a "dramatically fast and fluid experience" from the card.
Offload real time image rotation, Zooming, Panning, and Instant view changes are possible with Photoshop CS4. Quadro CX assists for brush resizing, brushstroke previewing, 3D movement, HDR tone mapping, and color conversions.

If you want to rename the Recycle Bin what will you do? But by default you can’t rename the Recycle Bin. Moreover you can change the name by editing the Registry but it gives you a lot of confusion and troubles. Here is a tool called Desktop Renamer which lets you rename the desktop icons in a single click.

On Wednesday OoVoo has announced its higher quality video chat software for Mac users which allows the users to access multiparty video calls between Windows users and Mac users. It has come out with some new features like video call recording, calls to landline and mobile phones. Capturing the video has become very easy for OoVoo users to share via mail and internet. There is no hesitation to record the video because as long as the memory capacity is available you can record the video.

Microsoft starts to compete in the market with its latest touchscreen device. It has been named as “Oahu” which has come out with the ability to access multi touchscreen facility. This multi-touch tabletop computing device can be accessed by more than one person simultaneously. Users can control the device by using hand gestures, play games and share photos.

It may take a huge time to decide the theatres to watch the movies. Even more most of us don’t know the films which are currently running in the theatres. If you want to know the movies that are screening in the theatres this will be a useful thing for you. Use Google Movies to know the details about the movies.
To access this facility simply enter the city name in which you want to watch the movies.

There are two new devices have been unveiled by Acer; Acer AX3200 Desktop PC and P244W to provide the high performance with good quality to view in 1080p LCD display. These products hit the market with very low price to make you feel happy. The price of the both devices is $1020. The features of the Acer’s LCD are 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution (16:9), 20000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI ports, a VGA input and a 2ms response time. If you want to buy these devices individually you have to pay $679.99 for Acer AX3200 Desktop PC and $339 for Acer P244W 24-inch LCD display.

Have you ever heard about controlling the gas, water and electricity within the home in real-time wirelessly? If not, No problem because Mr. James Sharlples has designed a new system to do all the above works. The name of the equipment is “Energy Mate” which may control the energy consumption. In this device display unit has been surrounded by the arrays of the sensors to collect the information and the energy is being converted into meaningful figures such as pounds and carbon output. We can have the energy consumption in graphically and as figures with a large touchscreen in the display unit.

Possessing the slow internet connection is an irritation. To avoid the slow speed internet connection has become very easy today. The slow speed is due to happen by CSS format images, javascripts and some other elements. In order to use the faster internet connection you have to remove these elements.

MeetWays, definitely it is a useful website for you. Whenever you want to meet your friends, lover or relatives you won’t have a good idea to select the correct place because others may feel inconvenient with your chosen place. Moreover it may waste the time and also it is hectic one on one’s behalf. In this situation you can use the MeetWay which is an online application center to bring a solution for this.

Collaboration of LG Electronics and PRADA Group has announced their second Prada phone with a new type QWERTY keyboard. This device is due to sell by this year end. The keyboard of this device is fully covered by a full metallic colored keyboard. Moreover to compete with iPhone this device offers additional on-screen, call and hang-up buttons and 3G compatibility with video calling. This has been designed with a new finer 5-megapixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach lens.

Asus has announced its new GPS navigation system with the latest facilities like PathFinder Heads-Up-Display (HUD). With the help of HUD one can project the essential information like direction and speed among others on the vehicle’s windshield. The name of the device is Asus R710 which equips with a 5 inch touchscreen, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for hands free communications,

Google keeps announcing its new facilities to its viewers. Stefan Keuchel the speaker of the Google Germany says this in the sixth series of TV at Google News with some useful tips.

In order to compete with Google Analytics Yahoo has announced its Yahoo Analytics to beat the Google from No.1.
Yahoo Web Analytics has been introduced to compete with Google Analytics. Yahoo Analytics is an enterprise site analytics tool to provide the real-time insight visitor’s behavior in our websites. To enhance the visitor experience, increase sales and reduce marketing costs Yahoo has been developed with Powerful and flexible tools and dashboards.

If you are going to use Ubuntu along with Windows you have to read this carefully. During the installation don’t overwrite the Windows because you can have a dual boot setup within an hour. The GRUB bootloader gives you 10 seconds to select the default operating system. Unless you select the operating system Ubuntu will be selected as your default Operating System. You can easily tweak your GRUB menu by editing the menu. Moreover you can change the boot order, Countdown clock and default operating system. If you make any mistake it will be the difficult job to load either Ubuntu or Windows.

Here is a new model Sofa Set named “Alien”. The reason for the name is a real story that is; In 1999 Jonas Jurgaitis a Lithuanian designer was captured by the aliens. On his come back to earth he started immediately to sketch a sofa design for us to feel the same thing which he has felt. This sofa looks like dreadlocks cut from the head of the Predator. If you see this sofa you can’t identify the difference.

USB Syncer, this is the name for you to synchronize the contents of a folder in your hard drive with on a removable drive. This is a small synchronization program which is supposed to work with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. As this is one-way synchronization you can’t copy the folder other than the removable drive. Whatever the changes done to the USB will be ignored by the software program. USB Syncer’s interface requires minimal user input. To synchronize the folder users may have to choose source folder on the hard drive and the destination folder on the USB device. The contents of the source folder will be copied to USB drive whenever you connect USB device to the computer.

In Microsoft Widows Vista there is a security infrastructure called User Account Control (UAC) which gives the administrators to limit the user’s privilege on application software even for users who have the administrator privilege assigned. Before installing this application lower privileges need to get the user’s authorization to higher privilege. Even more this can feature a security over “Malware” from spreading or infecting the system. UAC is a useful security feature to enhance the overall security system but it has some irritations that each and every time this will prompt you to assign rights or to approve the users to for some authentication. Although you use this security software yet you will be irritated with repeated notices and sometimes you will be given some false notices. If you want to disable this UAC security feature in order to get rid of this troublesome feature you should have to be very alert of Malware.

Desktop Screen sharing has become very popular today. We can dot this with many applications. In such a way Yuuguu is a free application to share the desktop screen which is supposed to work with all platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Users USP is a browser based flash client which enables the participants to join screen sharing sessions or they can request remote access without downloading any peculiar software. This Yuuguu is now working with Google Talk or Gmail contacts. If you want to download the Yuuguu just download it and make your Google account associated with Yuuguu services which works even with Google Apps also.

Google has announced its one more new feature in the Gmail which is IMAP. This facility is currently available in only English (U.S) Gmail. This improvement has been developed by a team which is involved in the success of Mail Goggles. This IMAP feature lets the user to a fine tune of their Gmail IMAP.
Once you completed this enable function just go to the labels Tab under settings. You will have a new “Show in IMAP” check box next to each of your labels. After you uncheck the box the corresponding folder will be disappeared from IMAP. If you want to make this Gmail’s IMAP work more like a traditional IMAP providers: you can turn off the auto-expunge or trash messages when they are no longer visible through IMAP. The IMAP protocol allows the messages to be marked for deletion purpose.

Navman has launched its newest GPS device; the series of the device is S100.Although we discussed a lot about the GPS device yet Navman is the newer device to the market. One of the most important features of the device is 4.3 inch flat wide screen that runs across the front surface without any traditional logics which are not found in most GPS systems. This device has come out with some enhanced redesigned features for more readability while having the immediate glances at the screen with a reduced clutter and simplified colors. “Spirit” software provides the touch screen interface to allow the user to tap and slide the screen to manipulate menus or to access other functions.

Google has been experimenting for displaying more additional information for discussion boards in your search results and the experiments are now live. This experiment has been done for Google to list the automatically generated data about forum threads. The threads represent the number of posts, the number of authors and the date of the last post. As soon as you receive the search result you can decide that the searched result is useful or not and ignore the result if it is old or a single post.

Today we are having so many models of mobile phones. Here we have a video of the Nokia mobile the model of this mobile is N85. In this video the N85 is out of the box! Get a first look at the latest Nseries device and everything that comes along with it. This video is an advertisement for promoting this device and gives you the details of the device including the size, shape, display and equipments which is available in the bundle. Moreover you can have the detailed information about this device and its components.

If you are having some memorable photos in your mobile or camera to be printed you don’t have to wait for the printers. Here we have an Instant Photo Printer which lets the users to take print directly from mobile or camera. The name of the device is PoGo instant photo printer. This ultra-sleek inkless portable printer is offered by Polaroid.

It is impossible to transfer our photos to computer but now it has become as easy as the digital cameras enter the market. Digital camera won’t let the users to convert the negative format film into the digital format. To overcome this trouble a device has been unveiled to the market for user’s satisfaction. The name of the device is USB Film Scanner which comes with a bundle of software to edit, crop and resize the pictures in 5MP quality.

Grand Theft Auto IV is the game released for consoles like Xbox and PS3 but now we can have this game even for PC. This game has come out of some textures which are redone for the user’s satisfaction. This game is due to release on this November.

Some Sparks About This Game :

• New high resolution technology brings Liberty City to life with even more stunning graphical detail
• Expanded multiplayer will require even more strategy and skill to come out on top
• Match Filtering allows you to pick your favorite multiplayer options and then instantly find online matches that fit.
Spore is the newest game for game lovers. If you are having a Windows Mobile Device this will be the coolest news for you. “Spore” is a game which is compatible with Windows Mobiles. So Windows Mobile users have to hurry to enjoy the game immediately.

As far as we used Spore is a great game we got it for iPhone. You can have this game by paying $9.99 from Here. Other retailers may have this game later. If you are a member of “Club Handango” one dollar will be off for you. One thing is sure with Spore that at least you can have the enjoyment for more than 30 minutes.