Although we have so many instant messengers yet most of them work with only windows platform. So AOL has released its first beta version AIM, the popular instant messenger tool for especially Mac. This has been released after the recent release of a version for iPhones.

Now Google has announced that it is going to adjust the interface for better video results that are the parts of the Universal Search. Google has promoted two videos in the first 10 results; if the query will be strongly associated with videos then the new interface will separate the two results from Google Video.

Google has planned to plant a new office (Mini Google-Plex) in Washington DC. The main aim of this office is to promote Google Apps in Governmental Organizations nearby. The surrounded buildings of Google’s new office are big government contractors; they are Northrop Grumman, CACI, Raytheon and Accenture. The main reason for the Google to build a plant in Washington is to capture the federal market and government contractors to use their services and computing power to store the sensitive data of Government.

If you have been accessing the search engine through FireFox, remember this hereafter you can’t access the function. Earlier if you typed something in the Firefox address bar it automatically performed a search option in Google.
But now unexpectedly the default search function of the Firefox stopped searching after installing the Google Toolbar. If you type something to search through Firefox you will be redirected to some other server with the help of links.

If you want to protect your kids from accessing unwanted sites in your system means you have to read this completely because a new browser has been especially designed for protecting your kids. The name of the browser is KidZui which lets the kids to surf the net safe and with fun independently from the age group of 3-12. Rather than filtering the internet KidZui has a collection about 800,000 web sites which contains pictures and videos.

Although we have so many online facilities yet this is new for your sight. GasBag is a free iPhone application for finding the cheapest and nearest gas from you. It provides the data which are submitted by the users. Moreover we can have a real time data feeds from other sources, including our submitted data. Users can now benefit from on-demand services that will let the users to have better management of their gas expenses.

If we want to copy the error message text what we will do? Most of us use the “Print Screen” option and save the message. Here we have a small utility to simplify our work. The name of the utility is GrabTxt. We can use this to capture the text from any type of Windows dialog boxes. Moreover the captured text can be copied in the clipboard. (Ctrl + C ).

This model mobile phone has been unveiled by Samsung as followed by the LG which offers a success model mobile Viewty. The name of the Samsung model mobile is “Pixon”. It features an 8 mega-pixel camera with some similarities like LG handset. The features of the Pixon are a large touchscreen, advanced image filters, assisted GPS with GEO tagging, 7.2 MBPS HSDPA and 120 fps video for capturing the slow motion effects.

Yesterday Google has announced its new open source application called Update Engine to update its various Mac products as well as Top Draw which is a drawing application used for editing and creating the images based on Javascript-based text files. Update Engine is not used for only updating the Google designed Mac apps, screensavers and preference panes but lets the users to update the random files and root-level kernel extensions. With its open source nature third party developers can adapt this Update Engine for their own products.

Although Google has been offering a translator with more languages yet some more languages are missed to use. Now it has made the trouble incredible because it has introduced eleven languages for user’s convenient. The languages are: Catalan, Filipino, Hebrew, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. So that Google supports now totally 35 languages.

Google Chrome allows the users to save the password and username combination for the websites. Other than FireFox we can’t access the stored passwords for a given website. To overcome this trouble ChromePass can be used. As this is a freeware we can get this easily. ChromePass will display all the passwords which have been saved by Google Chrome in website logins. We can see the saved passwords one by one in Chrome itself.

Offering high storage capacity is the most important thing to sustain in the internet. It will surely drive some more traffic to the file hoster’s website. Oosah has announced that it will offer high storage capacity up to 1TB that is up to 1024GB for everyone signing up for their file hosting service. Moreover it will offer the uploading limit up to 250 MB for video files and 50 MB for MP3. In the other side we can have the services of Flickr, YouTube, FaceBook and Picasa Integration.

A new type of Skate Board has been unveiled by Mr. Pascal PRAT. You don’t have to go to the extreme end to design that as your choice. The name of the new type skate board is “Axess”. This is a jaw dropping skate board which offers an amazing design for our skateboards. It is sure that you would never have seen this ever before with such an innovative design. These types of skateboards are not just skateboards but which are unique and serve for different kind of tracks.

Four days ago we discussed about the features of FireFox 3.0.2. Now FireFox has come out with some more features which are not available in the version 3.0.2. The name of the version is FireFox 3.0.3. The important feature of this version is; it has come out with the facility to retrieve the saved passwords or to save a new password.

If you want to know the notes of earlier version 3.0.2 come here.
The following are the system requirements for FireFox 3.0.3.
YouTube has unveiled its new option to upload the videos up to 1GB from 100MB. This option is being used by some users but now this can be used by everyone those who are having the YouTube account. To upload the videos you just have to login your account. The features of this video upload are
•We can easily enter our video’s metadata while processing the upload function.
•Uploading multiple files at once has become now easy without downloading a plugin.
•As we discussed size of the uploading file has gone up to 1GB from 100MB.
•Uploading through any web browser is possible.

Now Gmail 2.0 offers a new contact manager with better search options. Even more it gives a flexible file exporting. While accessing the Gmail contact list some it will not load because of a separate web page in an iFrame will be opened by Gmail. Moreover Google has updated recently Stand Alone contacts page by adding a logo and a more prominent but the URL given is not as user friendly.

Google moderator has been created for submitting and voting on the questions of Google Tech Talks. Although it is a small application yet it is very useful to other things like company’s meeting and celebration. So Google has decided to launch this with App Engine platform.

Already we have discussed about the next operating system from Microsoft. Now we are going to have some screenshots of Windows 7. Microsoft has confirmed about the news of Windows 7 and leaked its images with some of its upcoming features.

Calculator :
Windows 7 provides the calculator with a new shape window.

If you want to delete the images which are irritating you while surfing the net what you will do? Simple you can use the IEToys to do this function. This tool supports the Internet Explorer 5, 6 and 7 with some more facilities.

A new type helicopter has been introduced to customer sight with its special specification. It contains only a single seat and an amazing look than ever. To give the privacy for its users it has been equipped with everything. As only one person can sit inside this helicopter you must need to take pilot training to operate the helicopter. Moreover the size of this helicopter is very small when you compare with other helicopters and it gives a stylish Robot look. The name of the designer is Igarashi.

The award winning browser has come out now with more features than ever because FireFox protects us from the Viruses, Spywares and Pop-Ups. Moreover importing our personal settings has become very easy now.
This latest version features an easier method for navigation to everyone, including those who are visually or motor-impaired. This claims the first browser to support DHTML accessibility. If it is enabled by web authors they can read the web applications easily.

At the 8th part of its 10th year Google’s Bill Weihl has written about his ideas of future IT system to connect it and to make it with environmental protection. He stated about Google’s effort, expansion and exploration for renewing the energies. However it has planned to implement some more ideas,

Nokia is on preparation to unveil its Nokia Tube on October 2nd announced at an event took place at London. We can have this gadget with music under the Xpress Music sub-brand. Along with this Tube some earlier promises from Nokia are going to be revealing its product.

As soon as Windows has announced its new Windows Live Messenger Yahoo has announced its new updated version Yahoo Messenger 9.0. This has been available from yesterday. Yahoo has introduced some pleasant improvements with this and they will make its users loyalist. This has come out with some excellent skins and excellent ability to see scaled public images.

Interface :

In this version we can have complete larger thumbnails and a room to read the contact’s status images. With this version users can change the familiar compact view. A visual picker makes previewing and switching skins nearly automatic.
Google has announced that it is going to feature the routes and schedule information from New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). This is the largest public transportation agency in the United States. Especially this facility is used for getting around the metropolitan area on subways.
With this feature users will be able to access the station and schedule data for all service providers overseen by the MTA. The New York City Transit which includes the subway and the bus service has, Long Island Rail Road, Long Island Bus, Metro-North Railroad,

Resizing of images can take a lot of time if we are doing with loads of images. To avoid this problem we can have a batch resizing process which has a facility to resize the batch automatically.
If you are using PhotoShop CS3,

Open Photoshop then go to file and to Image Processor in Scripts a new windows will pop up now.
•Choose the folder containing images for resize process.
•Choose the folder for output images (resized pics).
•Enter resize dimension (in px) & Click on ‘Run’ button.
If you don’t have Photoshop means no need to worry because there are some more options to resize the images.
Sony has unveiled its new BRAVIA link modules, Wireless Link, DVD Link and Input Link. All links supplement our home to entertain setup without requiring any monumental re-wiring effort.

The wireless link has an ability to beam 1080i signal up to 65 feet from the transmitter box with just four HDMI and one component input to the receiver.
Mac Version from BitTorrent client uTorrent has let the web users to download it. Windows users have praised uTorrent for its features like ease of use and better speed. So users can enjoy this uTorrent features in their Mac. Now we have the Mac version of uTorrent in early Alpha stage for download.

ShoveBox 1.5 is an updated tool from Wonder Warp software. It features the users to annotate any entry like text, image, HTML and PDF. Users can create the shortcut keys for often used commands. In this tool GUI has been enhanced for the users convenient to search and archive the functions. Moreover it has been designed to catch and organize the “Scraps” of information.

Today Dell has launched its Studio Hybrid mini PC which has come with two different models for the studio line. The names of the models are Studio Desktop and the narrower Studio Slim Desktop. Both models have the sleeker and glossy black design. These both models have the compatibility to suite with the home theatres including HDMI video and IEEE 1394 input (Fire Wire). Moreover it gives Blu-Ray combo and full burner drives. The features of this PC are updating up to 2.83GHz Core 2 Quad processor and a full 8GB of memory while using Vista 64-Bit.

A different type of cooking table is unveiled to the market and named “Coox”. This table has been designed by Antoine Lebrun from France. This is especially designed for the persons who like to have the food wherever they want in house. This table can provide a facility to extend as the dinner table. The main advantage of this table is its flexibility. The height of this table can be adjusted as well as the shape according to the situation. This flexible table lets the users to cook in accordance with their own lifestyle.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 has come out as a part of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium and other bundles. CS4 offers multifaceted workspace with improved compatibility for modern designed websites. Moreover we can have new Related File and Code Navigator features which allow the users to access quickly the underlying code of compound documents which includes external CSS files, Javascript libraries, linked files and server side code.

Now Photoshop CS4 has reached the market with some terrific facilities. You can paint directly on 3D models, wrap 2D images around the 3D shapes. Conversion of gradient maps to 3D objects has become very easy with this CS4.
Adjustment tool lets the user to access every tool nondestructively and to enhance the color for our images.

Masks panel :
Mask panel is used for creating and editing the images quickly and lets the users to create the editable pixel and vector based masks and more.
Mr. Mitch Altman has built an alternate Brain Machine. This kit comes with a built in instruction and links to online tutorials.

In this device 2 LEDs are connected in the phone cord on the glasses to the PCB. The mounted PCB will be housed inside the Make Project tin. In this 5/16” grommet are used to protect the phone line from becoming frayed by the sharp edges. The PCB board has a new panel mount in that we have a headphone jack and switch jack. The other components are used to create this device are
Apple is holding an important place in the electronics industry otherwise rumors won’t come often about it. Yesterday only we discussed about a rumor of Apple’s 32GB iPhone. Another rumor in the internet says that a new MacBook from Apple is going to hit the market officially in mid of this October. The name of the product is “Brick”. There is no clear news about this product.

As the iPhone 3G power adapters give potential safety risk in use Apple has recalled for the adapters in Canada, Japan, Mexico, US and several Latin American countries but UK has not been affected by this issue.
Apple said in a statement that although injuries have not been reported yet it has planned to ask the customers to exchange the adapter In-Store or order a new one online.

Apple explained that they found the reason for the problem of the adapters. Under certain range of conditions the new ultracompact Apple power adapter can break off and remain the power in the outlet which creates a risk of electric shock, they added.
We keep on discussing about different type of bikes. Today also we are going to have a new type bike which is made up of plywood and aluminum. This combination gives us a stylish look. The name of the bike is Svepa Bike which can be used as a normal bike or can be used by two persons simultaneously. One person can easily sit on the rear seat while other can stand on the rear footboard. To make the balance the wheels have been designed in different sizes.

The latest Apple’s rumor list is extended with a new rumor that Apple is planning to introduce a new version of iPhone with 32GB storage capacity and a contract free home activation option. Although Apple has introduced its 4GB and 8GB model iPhones in the market with new facilities yet 8GB iPhone is failed to attract the users. Now Apple has planned to bring back the home activation option to compensate the loss of iPhone 3G because of In-store activation which takes a lot of time configure.

BenQ has introduced its slimmest digital camera which claims the world’s slimmest digital camera. The name of the camera is BenQ1050 and the thickness is 16.8mm (0.7 inch). Features of this camera are 10-megapixel camera, 3X optical zoom and a 3inch LCD screen. We can click the high quality images including 16:9 ratio images with the help of 10mp sensor with all details. This camera provides a facility to record the videos at 640 x 480 resolution and we can easily upload this video in YouTube. In additional we can record the videos even in 848 x 480 resolutions to view them in HDTV.

Kingston has planned to expand its market with a new arrival of DataTravellerHyperX pen drives. We can have this Pen Drive with 8GB capacity and ultra read/write speed. Especially this type Pen Drive has been designed for gamers, tech enthusiasts and Over-Clockers. You can avoid the waiting time of reading and writing in the USB drives. This Pen Drive offers a read speed of 30 MB/sec and a write speed of 20 MB/sec. This supports only Windows platform and has been optimized for Windows Ready Boost Feature on Vista.

We have new type screen saver that will automatically shutdown our system if we leave our system idle for more than two minutes. The name of the screen saver is “Shutdown Screensaver”. It will be very useful in power cut problem because we can easily leave our system free in power cut time.

Google has planned to sell its Google Android HTC phone about 400,000 in the fourth quarter of this year. This is the 4 percent of the entire smartphone market in the process. Google group representative said that as the Google is a well known brand its phone selling rate will reach the target. We can have this mobile from T-Mobile USA this smart phones offer a QWERTY type keyboard,

We find many problems while searching the information in a search engine. If we won’t find the proper information we will adjust the keywords and search for something best. In case our keyword will be vague then the result will be unclear. To find the proper search results we can use a plug in named Xippee which makes search process easy and clear. Moreover it will refine our query using words from the search result pages. Let’s have an example; if you search for Chrome game by giving a keyword like Chrome you will be having the result of recently released Chrome browser.

Yesterday we discussed about a wheel chair for senior citizens. Although we have so many types of wheel chairs yet this is a new type wheel chair because this is made up of an elastic and strong plastic with a transformable concept. This vehicle can adapt to contact the face and center of the gravity to the situation. The round wheel can be converted to ellipsoid shape by the vertical pressure on the handle bar. This transformable car can replace all existing model wheel chairs. The name of the designer is Caspar Schmitz.

Yesterday we discussed about Google’s wireless phone. Now Google has leaked the real images of the Android Power phone. As this is an open source mobile operating system a lot of open source applications are developed for Android Platform. Yet some days remain for mobile to hit the market the images loafing in the internet along with a video demo.

If you want to add your customized email signature in your mail what you will do? Don’t worry you have an extension to add it in your mails. The name of the tool is WiseStamp which lets the user to add signature easily. With WiseStamp we can add email signature in our web mails like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Aol mail. To use this feature you have to install this in your firefox extension.

By next month onwards we will be having a new wireless phone powered by Google’s Android platform. In a press conference on September 23rd this phone will be shown. Even more there will be a demonstration for the wireless phone for the reporters and analysts. Google’s software has planned to bring this mobile with the capability of surfing the net from the phone itself much easier and user friendly.

iGoogle provides the user a fine feature to let the user to create a tab with gadgets by just entering a title. Whenever we create a tab there will be an option named “I am feeling lucky. Automatically add stuff based on the web”.

Moreover iGoogle began to suggest popular names as per the sorting by the users to make the things even better. We have listed some names which have been taken often by the users.
Today Motorola has announced its two new model Bluetooth headsets. The names of the headsets are Motorola Pure H15 and Motorola H780. Pure H15 is the light weight, compact model along with the flip boom mic which we have not yet seen in most of the headsets. We can use the flip as a power switch and to conserve the battery life. We can have the both sets with crystalTalk technology to enhance the voice clarity but H15 leads us a step further with background noise cancellation. Both of the sets are offering multipoint technology to connect two devices simultaneously with a comfortable feel.

Motorola Pure H15 :

Certifying the First, the best or the smallest is not as easy as saying. In such a way we received an image from CompuLab’s Fit-PC Slim which has an ability to run the Windows XP. The measurements of the earlier machine is about 4.7” x 4.5” x 1.6”. The weight of the machine is just 1.1 pounds. The size of the Fit-PC Slim takes only about 4.3 inches x 3.9 inches x 1.2 inches of space. We have to add an extra Ethernet Port. Below are the Fit-PC Slim specifications.

As one of the ways to respect the senior citizens an “Easy Go” bike has been designed by an aristocrat’s sedan chair. They can use this comfortably in the environment so they don’t have to be a dependent to others for every movement. Using this bike is very easy and simple with the help of electric power. In this bike we can have different types of features like directional control. So, those users can control the directions by their legs to move the chair, to adjust the cushion and sun awning protection as they wish.

Microsoft has come to a final decision that it is going to unveil its latest Windows Live Wave 3 installer which offers a new pack of updates for reliable Windows Live Beta products and software. Moreover it has been designed with a high stability and security for our Windows Live Applications. Below mentioned are the Windows Live Wave 3 applications.

Windows live Hotmail is coming soon with some more additional features. It will come with the ability to access the Hotmail 70 percent faster than ever. Within fraction of seconds we can sign in and sign out. Moreover we will get a powerful technology to deflect the spam and it helps us to be safe from viruses and scams.
Hotmail has planned to provide it with a Simple and clean design. It will come with a combination of classic and full version of Hotmail so that we can get access to everything that has been offered by Hotmail. In additional the reading pane will let the users to check out the mails without opening it.

iGoogle has released its most useful feature, Canvas view. It will bring a support for Open Social gadgets, Activity streams and more social applications. In this a trouble only that we have is Google has randomly selected a list of users to join the canvas view experiment. Even more Google has not followed an Opt-out procedure. So, that most of the people are unable to understand the features that have been introduced in this view.

Google is servicing in many countries over the world. It follows many newer ways to attract the people. One of the attracting methods is, changing the Google Logo as per the season. For example it changes the logo for the country’s Independence Day or republic day.

Today it is the Independence Day for the country Chile. 18th September In the year 1810, they began to celebrate their independence day.
Following are the some country’s Independence Day logos.
Gmail is going to introduce two more Labels tonight. Both designs are written by Emily Chang. She has decided to locate the Labels in the right side bar because the earlier labels are located in the left side bar. Especially this decision is taken for the Google users to make them comfort while chatting.

Here we have a tool for creating and comparing the fonts in web browser. The name of the tool is Font Picker which makes the process in both online and offline mode. To view the styles of the characters we have to type the name which we want to make stylish in the Font Picker. In additional we can remove some styles which we don’t want to use by clicking the cross button.

Day by day technology is growing much faster than the economy. From our kitchen itself we can stay connected to our Facebook or Myspace friends. An American designer has designed this kitchen and he named it as “Sook”, a cordless kitchen assistant. This Sook lets the user to connect their social networking websites. A series of sensor is being used to sense the food which is kept nearby or on its cutting board. Moreover it has an electronic tongue to taste and examine the food that how the ingredients are mixed and how to be mixed.

Although we have the fastest computer sometimes it irritates us while booting but we can’t identify the reason. We will do whatever we know but nothing happens. In our system there are some startup programs that may take each at least 10 seconds. So however it will take few minutes to boot. This is a cause of file corruption and it will conflict with other software. To fix this trouble we can have software named Boot Log XP which will trace the time and give the duration that has been taken for system booting. Boot Log XP lets the user to trouble shoot the Windows boot up problems in Win XP. In additional it creates a boot log file and allows the user to view it.

Gmail keeps on introducing new features for its users. In such a way it has introduced a new facility. The name of the facility is ‘Forgotten Attachment Detector’. You may question me that how it is used? If you have just clicked on the send button without attaching any files what will you do? Yeah, now you can use the facility.

If you enable this facility it will remind you via pop-up message to attach the particular files but you can’t use this facility in all mails which you are sending. If you have written like “Go through the attachments or I have attached a file” in your mail, surely you will be informed through pop-up message.
To compete in the automotive industrial market Japan’s NEC Electronics Corp and Germany’s Elmos Semiconductor AG are going to develop the semiconductor products together. As the shares of NEC jumped more than 4 percent on the news the company announced that it would be going to team up with IBM. The two companies are aiming to provide packaged products.

HTC has become relaxed as it has introduced its new HTC Touch HD and HTC Touch 3G officially. These devices are made to support the Windows Operating system based on the TouchFlo 3D interface.
HTC Touch HD:
HTC Touch HD features a big 3.8 inch screen of WVGA resolution with 480 x 800 pixels which makes it the first to offer a good quality display. It has a 500+ MHz CPU, 288MB RAM and a 5-megapixel camera, TouchFlo 3D interface,WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and MiroSD slots

Now Google Chrome has become an essential thing for net surfing but unfortunately Mac and Linux users are not able to access the Chrome browser. To hit this trouble out a new project called Crossover chromium has come for those users. This acts like an interface and fills the gap between the Google Chrome and Mac and Linux users.

HP has planned to unveil its updated Touch Smart all-in-one PC tonight. This will be the higher end home theatre with some different applications like iMac. This IQ800 model PC features a 25.5-inch screen and 1920 x 1200 resolution of display. This system offers a Blu-Ray combo drive capable of 1080p video and ATSC/NTSC TV tuners. System has an ambient lighting on their chins which illuminates the wireless keyboard. We can have two models, they are IQ800 and IQ816.

Tonight HP is going to introduce its larger devices. HP has updated its Digital Picture Frame and its option for Mice and Keyboards. A new model 10.4-inch model, 3.5-inch models both come with larger and smaller size.  The model name of the 10.4 inch photo frame is df1000; 3.5 inch photo frame name is df300a1.

df1000 gives the net resolution of  800 X 600 and 512MB of permanent memory to store a set of pictures in the multi format reader without using a memory card. In additional it gives a playback support for common video formats from our digital cameras like MPEG-1/4 and Motion JPEG. This lets the users to print the frame from any supporting printer without adding any PC.
A new type mobile has been unveiled by Black Berry. The name of the mobile is Black Berry Flip. To register for buying this mobile T-Mobile has launched a pre registration page on its web site for Black Berry Pearl Flip 8220. In this mobile WiFi connectivity lets the user to use the internet connection and we can make the phone calls without connecting to the towers of mobile service provider. This mobile features a 2-megapixel camera with flash video to record the videos. In this mobile contents can be stored with the help of microSD cards slot or can be transferred from iTunes using Media Sync.

The rumor has come to an end as Intel reveals about its long expected Dual core atom processor. The launching date and price and all those things are fixed to reveal. This processor is going to hit the market from 21st September onwards. This will be the most economical dual core chip processor. The price of the processor is $43 for 1.6 GHz with both the extra core and the same hyper threading support for single core chips. This features 1MB of level 2 cache and simulating four cores with optimized applications.

This photo has been taken from an XDA-developer board of an unknown Asus device. This seems to have a WQVGA screen like the Omnia Competitor. This 3G device is also having a front facing camera like Samsung Omnia. This device features 5-megapixel camera, WiFi and Bluetooth and a trackball like D-pad.

3M a German company has been introducing their projects since the beginning of January. Now it has recently stated that their prototype will become the reality soon. To make this true they have introduced a Micro Projector named MPro110. This projector uses an LCos display technology to display the video with 640 x 480 resolutions. To avoid fan noise an LED lamp has been set in the projector. These LEDs are used to display the images bright in a lit room. The major advantage of the device is its weight that is only 0.3 lbs. Travelers can use this projector comfortably.

As soon as the Beijing Olympic comes to an end the VeloPark team from London are excited to unveil the design of the Olympic for the year of 2012 as complete four years left. The designers say that the venue and the facilities will bring an excitement more than the limit to become an inspiration for the futuristic generations. This has been designed with the capacity of seats for both the beginners and athletes. In additional they say over the last year their work has involved with reviewing the design with Chris Hoy and Team GB to provide the facilities for players after the games.

The worlds biggest search engine Google has added a Korean blogging software company in its hot list. Google Inc has bought the Tatter and Company for a huge amount but the sold company is not disclosing that how much Google has paid for their acquisition.
Chang-Won Kim the co-chief executive of Tatter stated that the acquisition would help Google to increase its market share in the country. In additional he described that Google’s market share in Korea as “minor” because mainly Korean web users are using Yahoo Inc portals. The main reason for the Google to purchase this company is Korea is the ninth biggest country in the world to use internet.

To keep maintaining our mail safe and secured are the most terrific troubles because users always want to give the importance to keep their mails safe and secured. Although we have so many browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 with a tight browsing mode called Incognito and InPrivate yet they are not secured sometimes. As FireFox wanted to say that always it is safe, a latest version from FireFox it is 3.1 is going to be unveiled. This will provide a private browsing mode to prevent the users from being tracked and to keep them safe while doing private things.