As the next generation of the technology is ahead, a new type of the channel broad casting is going to be unveiled very soon. DISH network takes the technology to the other end. In this network, we can have the channels in high resolution that is in 1080p.

This new type of functionality is the first expansion in HD services. In this, new service called TurboHD is available. All HD suite packages provide the 1080p resolution. The main advantage of the DISH network is, Current customers can be easily upgraded to latest 1080p resolution of programming by paying just $10 per month.
The long expected Blue Ray Disc player is going to be unveiled tonight the July 31, 2008. LG electronics and Netflix.Inc are the source to unveil the product. The name of the disc is LG BD 300 Network Blu Ray Disc. The announcement of the player has come earlier this year.

This has the ability to capture the movies and TV episodes from the Netflix directly to your television...
Today amusement holds an individual part in every human life. Because seeking the relaxation has become very tough. To solve this problem we have many solutions but this is an entirely different way to be relaxed.

An amusement park is in Alberta of Canada features the largest indoor wave pool.
Today whatever we have in our notebook computer, we won’t be compromised. We need some continuous upgrading in our systems. Therefore, a new type graphic card is unveiled in the market. This is an ultimate solution provider for our graphics desire. This can be easily connected to our laptop portable computer also. The ViDock Gfx is the right solution for the multimedia usages.

Today we are going to look at the corruption of DLL files. There are many problems caused by DLL files. In such a way, missing or corrupt hall.dll is an important error to be noticed. This message occurs like “Missing or corrupt <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll".After this message your system will stop to boot. This occurs only if the specified file cannot be identified by the Windows in boot.ini file location.
BIOS setting changes may cause this problem usually. If the BIOS settings may change the drive letters, the windows cannot find the right path. Another possibility is that the corruption of hal.dll file.
Solution 1
1. Check the BIOS settings to ensure that no errors have been occurred.
If the problem persists, try one of the following.
Solution 2
One of the easiest method is repairing the OS using Spotmau Powersuite Boot disc.
1. Insert the Spotmau PowerSuite Boot disc
2. Choose the Windows Recovery option
3. Choose Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/
4. Choose Recover HAL and SYSTEM
5. Choose the correct OS version, which you are using.
5. Click Recover.
Most probably, this will solve this error message.
If again the problem persists, follow another step.
Very few photographers are good as a photographer. Although they work hard, yet it is hard to expel their thoughts in every frame. Even they work with so many specifications they cannot identify their right position as a photographer. To overcome this trouble a Table Top Photo Studio has been unveiled to the sight of photographers. This photo studio is very easy to work and a great way to get started because it provides a controlled environment for the photographers to snap the pictures. It explores a different type light to sharpen our talent as a photographer.

In additional this studio is very useful to sell something over the internet such as jewels and electronic goods. It has two different backdrops to provide varying level contrast. In this gadget, objects....
Already we have so many models of WiFi routers in the market. However, today we are having a new type 3G WiFi routers. This name is Huawei E960 the combination of Modem +3G. This gives an effective solution for creating a WiFi network in the area where there is no internet connection and under the speed of HSDPA.

This offers an unstoppable signal and coverage. [ More ]
We are having so much of mousse in the market. This is a cordless mouse, you might question already it has been available. You are correct but this is a well-made mouse in design and function. This mouse looks like a cursor as well as you see the cursor in your screen. This Mus2 is an optical mouse contains two buttons on it.

This can be had in both Black and White colors. This mouse provides a built in power indicator for intimating low battery and replacement. Designer of this mouse is Artemy Lebedev...
As the technology gets improvement day by day fast, the necessity of the cable is decreasing much faster for our Audio and Video functions. In such a way, a new repeater (Impact Acoustics HDMI Repeater) has been unveiled.

This covers the signal up to 130 feet and as the need; we should have to add the second one for additional length that is...
Although new technology to arrive the market regularly, yet Datto’s new network storage device arrives the market with Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces. This device is called Z brand series. This device has the capability of 1TB local offsite storage, RAID 1, Active Directory support and customer support.

We can have this in white color with 250GB model; this is priced at...

We are discussing about computer problems a lot. Today we are going to see the Shortcut Problem in Windows Vista. Whenever we create a shortcut in the desktop nothing happens other than, the cursor becomes idle for the whole day.
Follow the following steps to create a shortcut.
1. Right Click on Desktop
2. Click New.
3. Choose Shortcut.

The main cause for the problem is improper entries in the following path.
Plexidor the name you will never forget. Because only a question we all have in our mind is who lets dog out? This is a correct time to you to get the answer for that question. A new door has been unveiled in a market. The name of the door is Plexidor Electronic Doggie Door. This door allows your pet to come and to go as its need. This door is being controlled by an RFID chip that clips to any collar including dogs.

This unit functions as same as garage door. Therefore, your dog will have a wearable.....
Earlier we discussed about solar power keyboard and stunned that it is a higher end. However, today Sandberg’s keyboard combines both mouse and keyboard in a single panel. This can be operated within the radius of 10 meters from your system. If you are a professional TV watcher then it will be very useful to you

because if your computer is connected with your TV you can take this keyboard to the place where you want to be seated and easily you can surf the web, Play music and watch the films.
In addition, the keyboard is also equipped with a row of shortcut keys for....
Wireless Portable Speaker MBS-200
You may ask what is the use of wireless speaker is, but here you can feel this as your Stereo Player. This speaker can be easily connected with our mobile phone wirelessly.

Know The Track Name
On the top of the speaker an OLED is terminated it shows the current track name of our phone. It has an input of 3.5mm and lets us to connect our PC or MP3 player to play the songs.

We can easily hear the music and feel the difference between wireless and wired speakers.
Other Brand Compatibility
This is made user friendly and compact. Even more this is compatible with other brand mobile phone also. Below are the compatible with this speaker.....
MSwin32.dll.vbs AND autorun.inf are the irritations of the computer..!
Today we are facing so many troubles with our computer such as virus problem, Booting problem, Display Problem and Error Messages etc. So here, we have some solutions for solving the slow booting and slow performance of the computer. This problem can be detected by some of Antivirus Programs but cannot be rectified. This problem seems like primordial attempt from viruses. It does nothing more than one problem alike Slow Performance.
Identifying these types of viruses is very easy.
1. We cannot open any windows and drives by double clicking especially USB Drives.

2. An unknown WSCRIPT.EXE, MONIT.EXE and SCVHOST.EXE appear in our task manager.
3. In every drive MSwin32.dll.vbs and autorun.inf hidden files will appear.
What do the Hidden Files do?
1. Make us stumble to open the drives directly. That is we cannot open the drives by double clicking. If it will, open only in a new window.
2. Login and Logout will become very slow.

Removal of the Hidden Files.

We can easily remove this type of files......
Some times our windows files will be damaged due to improper execution of system.
In such a situation, we will find an important intimation that Windows file has been damaged and the internet explorer window will not load. This irritates us often when we are hurrying to do some essential works. Nevertheless, this problem is easily solvable. Windows has built in tool called System File Checker that will reload our systems file. This System File Checker has become a part of windows after the version Windows98.

To fix this problem follow the following steps carefully.
1. Disconnect the internet connection.
2. Turn Off all programs including virus protection and security programs......

Recently a research result has been unveiled that the networks of Single–Walled Carbon nanotubes are printed on bendable plastic by University of Illinois and Purdue University. These nanotubes give the performance as good as normal semiconductors in integrated circuits. Very soon, this nanotube networks can replace the organic semiconductors in flexible display applications.

Flexible electronics and bendable plastic substrates are compatible together. This flexible electronic has potential in low power electronic newspaper or PDAs that roll up into the size of a pen because the development of organic electronic devices is not long-term reliability and gives poor result than silicon. The speed of the nanotubes device is faster than single – crystal silicon circuit. This has the ability ....
Day by day, the necessity of the solar is growing higher towards the end of the technology. Even already, we have many more solar powered types of equipment this is another way to provide new type equipment. This solar panel may also occupy yet little more space in our roof along with Hybrid Car Solar Panel. The name of the equipment is “Eneloop Solar Cell Charger N-SCIS”.

This new type charger can work as user friendly and safe. We can use this charger to charge electronic devices such as....
Systems become very slow whenever we install the games in it. Then games are occupying our invaluable time too. Therefore, Microsoft has banned some games inside the application. Nevertheless, the MS Office applications have some hidden games inside it. To play the games of MS OFFICE we have to create an excel document.
To play the games follow the following steps.
1. Open an excel file.
2. In file menu, select Save As.
3. In the Save As type menu select Web Page.

Today we are handling ourselves to be safe from electricity. Although we are very precautious, yet we are being stroked by the current because of power leakage and improper connectivity whenever we connect the home devices such as mobile, computer etc...,
For our safety and compatibility with the devices, Powermat technology introduces safe,

simple and efficient wireless electricity to the surfaces such as walls, tables, floors and computers. Thetechnology is designed as user friendly that we can use multiple electrical....
Today many gadgets are being designed in many concepts. Some of them are succeed and others are stumbled to shine because the designers failed to make them with sustainability and environmental friendliness. In this way,

a new gadget is going to be unveiled by 2020. This can be used as an optimal utilization of available resources. The main concepts of the gadget are to make the tractors.....
Today we are facing so many problems with computer even if we have higher configuration. To overcome the problems here we are describing about some important computer errors. Have you ever seen this problem? Whenever you start the computer, the monitor screen will remain black. This happens frequently. Therefore, we look at the Causes.
This problem occurs due to..
1. Hardware Problem
2. BIOS Problem
3. Improper Installation of Hardware
4. Improper Jumper Setting
5. Shorted Out Of Peripherals
Solutions for above problems.
• Check the cables are firmly connected or not.
• Check the inside cables are firmly connected or not.
• Check the all ISA, DRAM and PCI cards are firmly connected or not.
• If the entire above are connected properly, follow the following steps after Turning off the computer.
In San Francisco CSR’s Blue Core7 organized a demonstration of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology in mobiles. In this technology, a set of weighing scales and a temperature sensor connected via Bluetooth Low Energy to a mobile phone.
The demonstration showed a latest technology about a data transmission between two individual mobiles using Bluetooth Low Energy advertising without any prior configuration and pairing. When we pressed a button of the weighing scales, the embedded Bluetooth Low Energy radio wakes up and sends a short burst of data to the mobile phone.

Here the temperature sensor transmits the data continuously. Then every name and value of the transmitted data will be shown in....
We must feel the pleasure of time. The time gives us a lot of joy and happiness in our tour. To extend our joy into double a new vehicle has been unveiled. The name of the vehicle is Open-Air rider. At the beginning, the designers planned to provide the vehicle for rental purpose only in touring. Later on, its animated modern design and the unique shape make this to provide it for camping.

The designs of the seats to luggage rack are very stylish and admirable. This vehicle is very easy to handle and to drive. This vehicle combines multi functionality and an impressive look. This vehicle guarantees more stability and....
Unfortunately, some Malware viruses change the folder attributes and files as system-hidden files. So files and folders will become inaccessible.
Then if we try to change the attributes of the files and folders they obviously seem like grayed out. This isReset especially designed to overcome this trouble.

This completely removes the virus from the systems.
Normally this resets the Systems/Hidden Files/Folders so we can view...
Today even, we don’t have time look at the watch to see the time. Even more, it is boring to adjust the time and change the battery every time. To get relief from these troubles a new type of watch has been unveiled and named TX54. The TX54 is a concept design. Timex organized a global design competition in collaboration with Core77. This design competition was held to remember the 150 Years of watch constructing and time keeping.
This transparent watch is to be always kept at...

Usually system administrators need to keep the systems with their control. Either it is for data safety or for system safety. In such a way here it is an option for disabling the task manager by Registry and Group Policy Editor.
First we look at the Registry Editor. To disable the Task Manager follow the following steps carefully.

1. Start Regedit Through Run Command
2. Click Start
3. Select Run Command
4. Type Regedit
5. Click OK
Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
Name: DisableTaskMgr
Value: 1=Enable this key, that is DISABLE TaskManager
Value: 0=Disable this key, that is Don't Disable, Enable TaskManager
Always it is very danger to edit and restrict the users with Registry Editor. As the improvement in Microsoft goes up high some enhanced facilities are making the Operating Systems user friendly. In such a way Windows 2000 and Windows XP are having the same facilities such as Group Policy Editor. By this
As we have to keep our data secret and safe we are following too many ways to do that.
In such a way we can follow this step too. This can hide the sharing symbol from the shared Drives, Folders and Files etc..,

Then users can’t identify that which folders are shared and which are not. To do this restriction follow these steps.
1. Start Regedit Through Run Command
2. Click Start
3. Select Run Command
4. Type Regedit
5. Click OK
Today one computer is being used by many users in an office or in a house. Each and every user of the computer changes the desktop, Wallpapers and settings etc.., Always it irritates us. To avoid this and to set only one wallpaper for all users we have to restrict the users from accessing the desktop properties. So we can use our favorite wallpapers and themes as our choice. Follow the below steps to restrict the users from accessing the desktop properties
To disable the right click on the desktop:
1.    Start Regedit Through Run Command
2.    Click Start
3.    Select Run Command
4.    Type Regedit
5.    Click OK
6.    Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer
7.    Add a DWORD and give it a name of NoViewContextMenu
8.    Make DWORD value as 1
9.    Restart the system.
Then the desktop will be restricted.
Today we are facing so many data loss problem due to improper security restriction. As
in the way to restrict the users,here we have one solution to restrict the them from
accessing the taskbar properties. If we enable this setting users can not clear the history
from this option.
To disable the right click on the taskbar:

1. Start Regedit Through Run Command
2. Click Start
2. Select Run Command
3. Type Regedit
4. Click OK
5. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer
6. Add a DWORD and give it a name of NoTrayContextMenu
7. Make DWORD value as 1
8. Restart the system.
Then the taskbar will be restricted.
Today we are facing so many problems with virus. They affect our computer and stay there for permanent. To overcome this trouble we have to use Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. Even more we can remove Spyware and Malware easily by this updated tool. This tool can be downloaded completely free from official site of Kaspersky antivirus. And this tool is being updated regularly by Kaspersky team.

This effective virus scanner cum detector scans and detects our whole hard drive and removes the viruses from our system completely.
The automatic scan of Kaspersky Virus Removal tool allows you to scan following areas
•    System Memory
•    Startup Objects
•    Boot Sector
•    Documents
•    Mail Databases
•    Each Drive
Today it has become very pride thing among the users of Orkut to have the large amount of scraps. But it takes much more time to send many scraps. To have many scrap amounts without sending it we just have to copy the below Java Script and paste it in our address bar after logging in our orkut user ID.

So many model mobiles have been entering the market regularly. Many companies intend to develop and upgrade their models subsequently after every successful launch of their mobiles. In such a way BenQ has announced that they will be unveiling their new model mobile in this month end. After the last successful launching of the mobile BenQ E53 they announced their new model BenQ E55 3G handset.

This mobile caters 3G data connection and 2Mp camera along with the secondary video call camera located at the middle of the clamshell hinge. This handset supports AAC, MP3,3GP and MP4 format files. It has an external screen which is 1-Inch size and 64K CSTN colors.

Resolution of the mobile is 96 x 64 and the size of internal TFT screen is 2 “ Inches that supports 262K colors. The mobile can be had by paying $230. BenQ has planned to sell this handset first in Thailand only. After some days this mobile will hit the other countries market.
Getting showered of rain is not always possible. Because today we do not know when it may rain and when it may not. But getting showered is always possible. So we can get drenched whenever we like. To get the feel of drenching a new type of gadget has hit the market.

In a shower room we can attach the heads which give the feel of getting drenched by rain. These shower heads are very compact and affordable. The heads are designed and modulated in various shapes such as Square, Triangle, Rectangular and Round. The number of anti – scale nozzles to pour the water from the heads are
Every human being has to take care of someone else such as Parents,Brothers,Sisters and Children etc., But today in our mobile life there is no sufficient leisure time to take care of them. Even more we can’t take care of them at our leisure time because of getting tired with our work.

To spend our life in a better way an alternative solution reaches the place to take care of our beloved ones on behalf of ourselves.

To provide these types of cares a ROBO has hit the market to do our work.

This type of ROBOT named Care–O-Bot was introduced in the year
Although many models of Samsung hit the market earlier yet this is the first time to Samsung for unveiling the Touch Screen and Dual SIM mobile successfully. Because their first attempt on Dual SIM and touch screen has not made any positive result.

At the second time they made some improvement with Touch Wiz interface. The second successful mobile’s name was Samsung F480. Later Samsung has planned to add some more functions to make F480 into a very attracted shine with dual SIM. After the successful making of F480 at second time they named the mobile as Samsung D988. This D988 takes the Samsung to the peak. This D988 handset hits first china market only. Very soon this will hit the other side of the world as Samsung D980.
The size of Samsung D980/D988 dual SIM handset is very compact. This model has the below features.
Today the innovation has no limit to get higher. In earlier time we were getting some surprises whenever the new gadgets hit the market. But now all the inventions have become unusable things.

In such a way a new glider has been designed and won the Lucky Strike Designer Competition for being innovative in Re-Envisioning the airplane.
This glider just looks like a fish and designed completely by recyclable materials. This transparent tiny size glider is made up of Glossy Organic Contours and runs in on clean energy only.

The wings are made up of Photovoltaic cells which provide an emission free flight.
This design has been done  by Roland Cernat’s Oriens
The earlier version of Opera 9.5 was introduced in the month February of 2008. Today it has become very latest to download and to access. This is beta 1 version and easily can be upgraded from Opera 9.5. Whatever this is one thing is sure definitely it will be very useful for Pocket PC and Winmo Professional Phone than earlier versions which we have installed.

The initial versions although have Double Tap Zoom,Landscape Flip,Offline Page Save,Tab Like Browsing,Auto URL Complete and Google Search Bar yet some more additional advantage

will be added subsequently such as Google Gears and support for Flash Video for Winmo and Symbian devices. Look at the advantages and decide whether it is comfortable for you or not. If comfortable just rush to download
However we have to update the Touch firmware of iPod regularly. Instead of updating the software regularly we can install the Firmware 2.0 once for all iTunes. This latest upgraded software can be had for paying just $9.25 once.

iPhone users can get this latest upgraded Firmware 2.0 software absolutely free.
If you will follow the steps below carefully you will get the Firmware 2.0 absolutely free.

  1. Download iTunes 7.7 from Here.

  2. Hold Shift and click Restore.

  3. Select iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw

  4. Listen the gift of music.!

The iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw firmware can be downloaded from any of the links below. It is the complete stable and final iPod Touch Firmware 2.0 (5A347) and has been checked and tested.

Rush below to download..

Mirror 1

Updating  2.0 Free Link 1

Updating  2.0 Free Link2

Updating  2.0 Free Link3

Mirror 2

Udating 2.0 Free Link

Mirror 3

Updating 2.0 Free Link
Here the technology goes to the peak. Because a new model watch arrives the market today. You might question that daily watches keep on arriving the market. You are absolutely correct. But here this watch has a facility that never ever you seen before.

That is inbuilt USB Port. This watch offers a removable 4GB USB flash drive. And lets us to do our work easily and access important files safely.
This watch is colored black and this case is covered by stainless steel mask. This steel is coated by silver color and it has a mineral glass with shiny dial of black.

One side the quantity of vehicles is increasing fast in other side the space of road is reducing much faster. So we have to look at some alternative solutions. The vehicle companies have planned to design the vehicles smaller than currently available vehicles. Because small vehicles occupy less space and the consumption of fuels is very low. So we can easily escape from depleting fossil fuels.

In such a way a new car is under research to be unveiled soon. This has only two seats and a small electric engine.

When we compare this car with others it has only three wheels.
As the days go by Blogging is becoming very admirable. In such a way a new version of Blogging is disclosed to the public. As this is one of the most important and the easiest way to expel our thoughts about our company to the public directly. As this is one of the easiest software to install users feel this as their friend.
The Word Press 2.6 has some new facilities that are not available in the earlier versions. Although we are in offline yet we can easily edit and post our blogs than ever done before. The UI of word press allows the users to update and edit our blogs quickly and also word press has a facility to upgrade new features by Plugging - In the third party.
Word press also very susceptible alike other web applications to network hits. So the developers of the word press develop the word press frequently. The version 2.6 fixes more than 190 bugs and 2.6 discloses a new Edit – Tracking System which lets the users to know the changes and posted date. This can be added to our browser and with a single click it extracts the more relevant information from the pages.
Most probably word press supports Google Gears. We can easily store the most essential data in our local hard drive and it has a facility to keep on the blogging in a temporary loss of net connectivity.
As this is one of the open source software we can easily download it and install. But to run the installation we need a support of  PHP.
Rush Here To Download Word Press 2.6
Now a days we are facing so many problems with broad band,among them one of the problem is slow speed internet accessing. Even if we are using broad band it has no sufficient speed to access the internet.

To overcome this British Telecom has planned to introduce 100Mbps internet speed. Already BT has 10 million home connections this is about 40% of UK. Now BT has planned to make 10 million of 100Mbps connection. Potentially it has capability to exceed upto 1Gbps.

At the beginning BT will provide 40Mbps and rest of this will be provided after evaluating the technology.For implementing this speed of internet fiber cabinet is necessary and to implement it completely Supportive And Enduring Regulatory Environment is required with the removal current barriers to fiber.
But BT says that yet we have to wait for another four years to feel the speed and most probably four years would become twelve years.
The worlds first cell processor laptop has been unveiled and named Qosmio G55.
For last couple of months the laptop has been under production to be unveiled very quickly with PS3 Cell Processor technology.

This processor co ordinates with four function to the machine.They are Upconversion of 1080i upscaling,Transcoding of video format,Face based video indexing and Gesture control.

The vice president and the General manager of Digital Products Division said that the innovation is the most important key ingredient of Qosmio Laptop.Quad Core HD Processor of this laptop offers the breaking moment in the segments of multimedia.Users of this laptop will have the ability to control and manipulate their personal content.1080i resolution is offered in this laptop so that we can enjoy our complete collections in DVD and CD through this laptop.
One of the smallest and compact size Bluetooth Wireless Headset reaches the market.This has been unveiled by Apple’s iPhone.This is a flair cleverness of Apple.Easily this can be fit in any ornaments such as Ear Stud,Neck Chain etc..,
And also this expels the similar design as the ornaments which we wear.

In this headset a magnet has been fit .This magnet holds the sleeve in place without affecting the electronics
Yet another printer from Polaroid has come out for the public view named High-Speed Thermal-Transfer Photo Kiosk.This has an ability to work under retail environment and challenges the Kodak and Fuji for their remedy products.