Benq T850 the latest edition of digital camera is the world’s thinnest camera with 8 Mega Pixel Camera. It also features 3x optical zoom, smc PENTAX lens and 1600 ISO. Benq T850 measures only 14.9mm deep made with stainless steel which is available in Black or Red.

I use chewing often but through this chewing gum one can spy others work. The Chewing Gum Camera features a mobile format 3GP, microphone with audio and it is built with flash memory.

This is a slim and an ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard which will give the user a stable connection to the host via Bluetooth. The keyboard consists of 104keys and additionally it has 18hot keys which are spread around for an entire PC navigation

The Surf Chair will give those surfers easy and relax in surfing. The Surf Chairs has pillows at different sections and this gives the user relax and work for more time. The designer Kenneth Lylover gives the user a luxurious way to work

The Ego Notebooks is mainly concentrated on womens because its design suggests that it will be comfortable to carry for ladies like a bag. It also has pink color and different skins to suit the taste of the user.

As usual when any special day comes, the day will be remembered by Google Logo. Today Google logo represents the anniversary of first ascent of Mount Everest. Mount Everest, also called Chomolungma, Qomolangma or Zhumulangma is the highest mountain on Earth, as measured by the height of its summit above sea level, which is 8,848 metres or 29,029 feet.

Today’s technology is fasting in a great pace; nowadays PC’s become handier for the user. The Cup PC concept uses a high-tech holographic touch with infrared communication and designed like a cup. The concept has capability of pour, display and collect information as the PC does.

The mobile phones has evolved well in the recent past years, as a change the phones are coming in numerous design to suit the convenience of the user. These Packet Concept Phones are designed stylishly and able to fold like a small piece of paper.

Today the most lovable blogging platform site turns to Five. Most of the bloggers are using WordPress platform because it is user friendly than other blogging platforms. I also started my blogging career in WordPress and find easy in blogging.

The Earth Trek a HongKong Based Company introduces the World’s Smallest Handy 90-805R mini projector . The smallest device features built-in lithium battery, speaker, Mp4 Player

Plantronics Versa Future Concept is visioning an eye of the future and next generation wireless headsets . In the modern era each and every product is looking to suit today’s trend.

SliQ is a cell phone for business travelers who need a sleek mobile device to take over the features of their PDA and cell phone. It is attached with bluetooth earpiece, touch screen capability, crank power up and NAV pad.

I used to wash my all my dishes, clothes and plates but this is something new to me of washing a gadget. The washable mouse featuring water resistant which keeps your mouse staying clean for longer days? More than this it has a scroll pad lets the user to scroll horizontally or vertically with one touch.

Last time the Google Logo signifies the Invention of First Laser Light now their logo is designed with big buildings. Google logo indicates the 125th Birthday of Walter Gropius. Walter Adolph Georg Dorphios (May 18, 1883 – July 5, 1969) was a German architect and founder of Bauhaus[1]. Along with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, he is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of "modern" architecture.

Samsung had demonstrated AMOLED laptop concept in which it has features of a keyboard with keys which are similar to a cell phone. The design of this concept is stylish with great look and it has 1280 x 768 resolution displays,

For Bachelor’s and those who are single in bed? this is bed one suits them. The designer made this bed with infrared sensitive light and this light projects your virtual girlfriend on your bed. One can give kisses to their virtual girlfriend and she will remains in the bed forever.

Mimique Concept offers you the cell phones with next generation design enable with touch screen technology. Mimique is new open-source cell phone software which allows the user to download features and skins. For users Mimique concept with downloadable upgrades, if the phone user want a feature it can be downloaded and added to the phone feature.

Google logo looks pretty different from other days because the logo representing different colors of light. I was pretty confused after seeing the lights. The logo represents the invention of the first laser. A laser is an electronic-optical device that emits coherent light radiation. The term "laser" is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Each and everything cannot be captured in cameras openly in that time these kinds of spy cameras will be more useful. Spy cameras are placed on the arms of the glasses which filming peripheral vision. It takes a simple button push to switch the view to record on fully featured wireless receiver.

In recent times LG display had developed both small circular and elliptical LCD screens. The 1.4" circular-shaped LCD with 35mm in diameter and 6" elliptical measures 78.8mm in height and is 131.4 wide.

Microsoft introduces the new web cameras VX5000 and VX500 Life Cams. It has features of VGA resolution and compatible with Windows Live Messenger. It already releases a handset known as LifeChat LX-2000 is getting forward for a video conference.

Google Friend Connect is a new option which allows the site possessors grow traffic easily by adding the social feature to your website. Using few snippets of code the user can able to engage people deeply with site.

GoldStriker is know for giving luxurious mobiles in Nokia and iPhones as a change the company launches their new luxury version of the Motorola KRZR as part of the leather collection. The phone is designed in a great manner with grain leather

This is a fully connected home control device which has touch screen control with drag and drop flash menus allows the user to customize your device for how much you use them. It makes the voice command simpler with lights on, off and it can connects any Bluetooth device.

It looks kidding but when I was small, I usually use my hand as a phone to build me as busy. The Handphone concept works with few wires, a portable device which fixes on your fingers and hands. The Handphone looking quite nice but your fingers, and turns your fingers into a portable cellphone device.

Most of them like to visit Orkut often to add more friends. There are many users having passion on this site because of its features. The logo of Orkut designed unusually, a picture drawn by a kid was the logo of Orkut.

The interactive digital cooking aid will enables those users who lacks in cooking ability or giving the user confidence to prepare healthy meals.

There are many benefits of keeping this digital cooking aid one can easily find the recipe you want according to the ingredients you have and how much time you want to spend preparing the meal.

QStarz announced their new Bluetooth GPS receiver and claimed the World’s most powerful. BT-Q818 eXtreme features looks impressive as they has the 51 channel MTK chipset with 32hrs of use time which you can get with lower power consumption hardware.

Aura Communicator concept is a third generation wireless network environment (3G). The device concepts combine the functionalities of mobile phone and PDA with more features added to it. It has a high speed wireless internet connection enabled by 3G technology with Bluetooth which makes communication easier.

This is a next generation concept developed for a PDA with integrated wireless communication capabilities. It has a sleek design which gives the user a genuine executive look.

The 23/6 mobile pc responds to this fact by accommodating our needs for always on wireless connectivity, information access, processing power, entertainment, flexibility and mobility.

The 23/6 concept is a ultra compact Windows PC, with a footprint slightly bigger than a CD case. Not meant as a workhorse mobile device, such as traditional laptop, it nevertheless handles standard professional applications comfortably.

BloomBerg is designed with a sleek polished design with stainless steel neck to adjust display height and angles. It has a highly flexible dual-headed display for Bloomberg users to view the two ultra thin displays and it is mounted with an elegant arm which can be easily rotated from horizontal to vertical position

This computer features a flexible structure which allows the user for more than ten configurations. The configuration includes table mounted, wall mounted, with or without articulating arm. It also has an integrated video camera which folds when not in use. The futuristic computer uses a biometric authentication for fingerprint reader.

These scanners must be very useful if someone misses the important document one can get his papers suddenly using this TScan. These devices are made sleek and compact enough to fits the desk. The user can adjust A4, A3, Tape scan mode which suggests it as solid design made by the designer Giuseppe Russo .

Brando latest edition is the Stylus Hanging BlueTooth Headset. This is one of the interesting handsfree Bluetooth devices which give flavor to your mobile more than this it can be used as stylus for your smart phone too.

Hi tech concept watch suitably named as Shine which is designed with luxurious gemstones with advanced technologies and materials. It uses a laser projection system

This is the phone which is designed in a sleek manner and I think the phone will function  touchscreen. The phone features music players with multimedia functions and it is has capability of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB.

The ultra stylish phone will make you more style and using this phone one can experience the new direction of using the stylish phones. The phone features a large screen with a top quality camera and more features etc… It is more than the standard slider phone and the main concept of this phone

Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi is a gadget which is going to be used in the year 2014. This device will slightly flexible OLED screen which comes with blending of many features. It has multiple purposes such as gaming, multimedia with ordinary phone features.

The Apple has released the latest update of iPod classic software version 1.1.2 which gives your iPod a complete firmware.

I love eggs to have as food but did you ever use egg as a gadget. The Elecom Egg mouse is more than 20yrs old being a Japan product most of them unaware of it. To celebrate its 20th birthday of the company launches the M-EGUR series of Egg mice which comes with six colors like grey, white, blue, orange, black and pink.

Sony launched their DAV-F200 Bravia Home Theatre in which the user can enjoy the wider experience of cinematic experience in their home itself. It can be placed on stand or shelf or be mounted on wall and you can also find a suitable place to hideaway sub and two speakers. Sony's S-Force Front Surround technology comes together with 405W S-Master digital amplification to create an incredible virtual surround effects with the speakers in it.

Razer launched the Lunar White Razer DeathAdder ergonomic right handed gaming mouse which is specially built with the needs of Mac OS X gamers. This is the first gaming mouse of Razer designed and developed for the Mac gamer. The gamer mouse has a 3G Infrared sensor technology and engineering development make it a great deal for Mac OS X gamers fully featuring as game mouse. It has an 1800dpi and a 3G infrared sensor with a 1000Hz ultrapolling/1ms response and a track speed up to 120 inches per second.