Many of them may have a theater in their home to view cinemas in a great effect but think about a Bowling alley in your house. It is possible to built a full length Bowling Alley in your home with a genuine AMF and Brunswick equipment like pin stackers and ball returns.

SpaceExplorer offers you a effortless navigation because of its powerful 3D design and visualization application. Only a simple pull, push, tilt or twist with the controller cap will Zoom and rotate 3D objects and environments.

When you feel the hot outside naturally you will come to your room to have a nice rest with Air Conditioners. Even if the AC gets us the cool air most of the times the fungus and bacteria prevails in the room itself. So in order to get rid of the fungal and bacterial Micro Plasma Ion (MPI) technology is used in the Samsung’s new edition of air conditioners.

It really scaring to look these pictures but Pauly Unstoppable from Canada has done perfect because this is the World’s first eyeball Tatoo… This eyeball Tatoo has a freaky procedure involving of 40 insertions of needle to turn the human eye into a blue one.

Apple iMac with more special features you may think you iMac with different features but the designer seems it another way by making the screen curved in a giant size. Hope these curved screens will taken us to olden days.

First time when I look this Macbook air not really I found it little wrongly and then I found it was a mouse look like Macbook air. Day to day lot of innovative mouse are invented, this is an ultra slim PC a card type optical mouse.

I was little late to start my blogging but when I started my PC and looking my site Google Page Rank was updated I got 3 for my site. Most of the bloggers are waiting for their page rank updates, it is necessary to get pagerank for as site because to get more monetize. I was thinking to get page rank as soon as possible and I found something special which may be known by many but it really works. I follow simple technique to achieve Page Rank.

Zip and unzip all you files immediately with Yahoo Widget. This is a utility for zipping and unzipping files. Just by dragging the files and folders on the widget it will compress into a named archive or you can drop the archive files and this widget will unzip them into folders. Further these Zipper will supports different formats by compression as well as Decompression. Look how Yahoo Buzz kill Digg!

Siafu is one of the PC designed to give the visually impaired to the newer level of computer experience. It is designed in a flat touch and enables the user to interact within a touch. For getting this surface they made these concepts by magneclay or magnetized liquid. These materials have the ability of morph upward into any shape through its electromagnetic field which allows the device to create a Braille surface or reading and also for pictures in 3D relief.

I was really fond of keeping notebooks because of its sucking battery package even many laptops have come with higher power capacity but even the capacity is? But this is the notebook which is powered by solar energy. Beyond the Solar power energy these Notebooks are equipped with satellite link, GPS, WWW access and satellite telephone.

These are the chairs which are made of polycarbonate plastic and it will give you a transparent look. It seating is made either open seat or a foam cushion or a sandwiched pad. These Plexfez ,Plexpanni and Plexipanni, Plexifez chairs are designed in a great manner

You may see various chairs which gives you the relaxation with its inbuilt speakers, style and comfort. Maxlounge Bossa has all these features in it. These chair will gives you the pure relaxation because it has a pair of high definition speakers

Onyx Lisco is designed in an elegantly with it small stylish size. It is a triband mobile( GSM 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900) which has a 1.1” OLED display, 65,000 colors and 96 x 96 pixels and the internal memory of 128MB with radio tuner. The mobile connectivity also offers you Bluetooth A2DP and USB port.

Apple has released the new iPhone 1.1.4 firmware. It is said that the new firmware is for bug fixes and the engadget said that 1.1.4 and 1.1.3 phone was tested but there is zero problems but the multiple source saying that ZiPhone works but it was not fully tested.

Lenovo has today launched the new ThinkPad X300 13.3 Inch notebook which has the features of ultra portable laptop weighs 2.9pounds. It is made with some of the new leading technologies with solid drive storage.

Yahoo Buzz to kill Digg!Digg is a social bookmarking site which you can post your most popular stories and it will be dig by other people around the web. It was unusual to see a site which is similar to the function of Digg. Already many users make use of Digg but Yahoo now enters into Social bookmarking site as Yahoo Buzz.

What best about Yahoo Buzz is?
The Buzz can be of anything such as a great story, extraordinary things, funny videos or your fantastic blog that shouldn’t missed. Yahoo Buzz will work as instead of editors the people will determine you the top-rated buzz.

You need some utility which will open some of the files such as word documents, flash, animation, mpeg and other formats! Universal Viewer is the software which supports different file formats and you can view all the file formats. More than the other software these can support Text, Binary, Hex, Unicode and RTF, UTF-8 encoded text. You can also view BMP JPG GIF PNG TGA TIFF formats and it  also support multimedia formats such as AVI MPG WMV MP3. It mainly supports the MS Internet Explorer formats such as HTML XML DOC XLS. These formats are controlled and supported by Total Commander Lister plug-in. These applications are fully Unicode compatible of integrating into Windows Explorer's context menu, it means there will no problem in operating these files and it can be access in explorer by right clicking a file and select the Universal Viewer items.

In this you can separate bass sounds and treble sounds according to the users need. The Bass sounds are produced at the Sony gives the world of real sound experience yet another speaker which mimics the audiophile grade front-facing speakers. The extended bass reflex duct which it will penetrate directly into the ear canals. These speakers are positioned perfectly to give the greater sound experience. The features of the personal field speakers are:

If you have a white board it will acquire some spaces on wall but this is the multi purpose white board in which it fixes on watch additionally. The team Art Lebedev studios think the white board differently because they have built a clock in it. This will save your wall space and also knows the valuable time

These are the mp3players which will get you in our childhood playing days because each of them will play bricks and the mp3player also looks like a brick. These plastic blocks are made of colorful layers and the players controls have been made on the top of each blocks.

Already the existing Sony GPS-CS1 has newly updated as GPS-CS1KSP and this is made with some attracting features added. The original model does the task of allowing the user to track the place using it GPS.

It is hard to check all the Orkut scrapbook by logging in and off, think if you have a feed to look all the scrapbook? The best thing about this is you don’t want to login for getting this Orkut Feeds. The Orkut feeds will allows the user to login with a single click without visiting the Orkut feeds homeage. The Devils workshop who give many trick about Orkut is now giving the option of using feeds for your Orkut Scrap.

Morph is a joint Nano technology of Nokia Research Center (NRC) and the University of Cambridge (UK)and it was launched at the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition. Morph is a nice concept of how the mobiles in future will be stretchable and flexible. It also allowing the user to transform these devices in different shapes radically . These concept device will is a perfect example of the functionality of nano technology of performing flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces.

The USB pole dancer is connected directly from USB port of your PC and it will entertain you by dancing day or night. In the base units it has three different multi-color lights which will take you to the nightclub atmosphere. USB Pole Dancer features the following:

These are the mp4players built of a enormous 8GB internal flash memory and it also has a full touch screen control of viewing movies and your favorite songs on its 2.8” TFT display. These players features of complete touch screen and it can play AVI format movies at 320x240 pixels and 30fps. It gives the user a great sound experience from both earphones and built-in-speaker. Other specifications and features for your reference:

For iPhone users they will get only upto a range of focus in their existing iPhones to view larger and wider the lens for iPhones was invented. These camera lens will give a wide angle competence for your iPhone.

The speakers really designed like a ice cube that’s why the name is rightly made as ice cube. Don’t use this ice cube for consumption just you can hear music. Samsung exposed their new PC and DAP speakers Snow Flake and Ice Cube. The PSP 100 is designed like a Ice Cube which powered with USB.

The TouchTable TT84 is a integrated large group collaboration system for visualization, navigation and data analysis. It acts both as input device and presentation, these displays the data on table surface and it can be maneuvered by using hand gestures. It is built of a pressure enabled interface and it has a huge display size and makes the user to participate in a group goals or plans.

Whenever you think about comfort and easy way to access the devices you have to think!!! About Media Center Pc because it works wireless and you can control each and everything by a wireless touch remote control in which you can pause,

When I look the watch at first time it seem a pretty ordinary one which features the water resistant and sporty watch but later I looked more about the watch, it costs of $500,000 and I don’t think this watch has diamonds

Already the Panasonic 103” plasma TV introduced and it also launches their 150” plasma TV at CES 2008. The same Panasonic 103” plasma TV has now been reintroduced with some upgrades to make these TV richer. It has a superior wall mounted configuration of 10 series TH-103PF10UK touts and also had a better video processing technology,

The Duro 8-inch Rugged Tablet PC is considered to be the military grade tablet touch screen computer. Duro’s will survive on shock, water, dust, freezing or heat blistering temperatures. It works with the 8.4-inch sunlight viewable SVGA touch screen LCD and has an AMD Geode™ LX 800 Processor

As we all looking for fashionable and attracting phones this stylish phone with glassy effect on keyboard will make you luxurious when you have this phone with you. For answering the incoming call just slide the glass keyboard

iStick concept is a special mobile convergence device and it will allows the user to view the movies and photos but only thing is that the screen is too small to view all the movies and photos effectively. The size of this phone is made in a small one which looks like a lipstick that’s why the name reflects as iStick.

Its one of the happiest moments for the Firefox family, for Firefox just reached  500,000,000 downloads. This is an absolutely or rather one of the phenomenal milestones for Firefox. It is sort of hard to imagine what that number means. For some perspective, that’s roughly the audience size of 10,000 Rome Colosseums combined. It would be the weight, in kilograms, of 8,500 Boeing 747 airplanes. In dollars, for $500 million you and 15 of your friends can fly to the International Space Station.
It is a nice PC which you can capture almost all the exciting moments of your life. Momenta can capture all the previous 5minutes from rolling buffer and it will continue recording until you stop it. It also triggered by increased heart rate and it allows you to capture all the exciting moments without losing anything.

It is a battery operated light and moreover it is easy to install. These spotlights are great light which brings you the virtually anywhere around your homes, Shelves, cupboards, the kitchen or bathroom. It works simply sticking and these spotlights will give you a great effect in your space. It gives you the long lasting, stylish and versatile and it doesn’t required any drilling works also because you can just stick on walls and any place you want.

Apple has cut down the price of 1GB iPod Shuffle to $49 and the same time Apple has introduced the new model of 2GB model for iPod shuffle and it will be available for $69 which to be available later this month. The shuffle gives you the feature of aluminum design with a built-in clip and comes with five colors

This is one of the new innovations of PC design called Zen which is very much useful for visually impaired. These are working with the concept of Zen hardware called Sandbox PC and Zen edition operating system to create an impact of working pc with closed eyes. Zen is a truly a 3D computer, means as Z-axis Enabled.

These were the information from an unofficial Creative blogger who exposed some interesting rumored information about the future product of Singapore-based audio company Singapore-based audio company. Insiders specified the Mp3 player as Zen Share and the creative

When we go for a restaurant we order food to waiters they will note down using pen and then we have to wait for some minutes to get the food. If we are hungry enough you will be in no position to speak with others. This is the device in which you can order the food by using a digital wireless pen and no human contact is necessary.

These Logitech will be under the gamers side and it has been created with the collaboration of Polyphony Digital was the developer of the famous franchise driving and has a wide range of settings. The Force GT will allow adjusting up to 24 levels of performing brakes, traction and cushion the car.

Hyundai Motors had announced that they completed the development of the in-dash dual LCD monitor in which the viewer will display of two different angles simultaneously. It means the driver can drive by watching the navigation

When you are working in the busy office you may need some relaxation or calm effect in the room. For that these project soothes sounds and aromatic scent which creates a better atmosphere in the working place. This better atmosphere will create tranquil space to recharge and re-focus employees.

The future of internet search in mobile vision is to be unimaginable because of the advancement in the technological fields, the next generation of mobile internet search to be as follows:

The mobile device in the near future will features Touch Screen, Built-in-camera, Wifi, Google map, Google Search,
Motorlight enables the user to vary light angles to suit special environments and needs from an ambient light through to spotlighting. Motorlight can be set to a precise angle of light or can be activated to cycle through continually changing angles to enhance the mood of your environment.

Ripple Note T5450 is a semi-professional notebook Pc launched by Pixel Lab Korea in Korea Market. The semi professional pc features Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 CPU

Lightwedge is a small convenient size which you can read the small print documents. If you have to read small items which are printed in documents, you may feel tough to read those things at that time this light will be useful in reading documents. It is built in handy carrying case with 1.5x magnification and it is portable and perfect for reading small print documents.

Apple has released a new iphone named as "The Great Thing" which explains the convenience of keeping internet in your pocket.

The Great Thing Video as follows:
This is one of the small gadget integrates text reocginition and camera. If you align Dixau over a word and you want to look up the word and your pc will enables you to show the results from Google or from other dictionaries.